My Hope America Outreach Program Kicks Off Nov. 3

Dear Editor,

I believe most everyone has heard of Billy Graham. Mr. Graham has been an Evangelist all over the world, won countless numbers of people to salvation, prayed with, prayed for, and counseled Presidents. He is approaching his 95 th birthday, is ill, sometimes bed ridden, and yet he is still serving the Lord. "My Hope America" is an outreach program that he has put together and is urging all Christians to become involved with. You do not have to be a Southern Baptist to use this program. The kick off date is November 3, 2013. This program is based on Matthew 12:21.

As the morals of our great nation decline, as churches become more lukewarm as the days go by, as outreach programs of our churches cease to exist, this program is being given to bring about a revival in this country. We cannot write enough laws, put enough people in prisons, complain enough, vote enough to change our country. True change can come about if Christians stand up, reach out, share the Gospel, and live according to this very Gospel. Mr. Graham shares that today around 60 percent of the American people don?t go to church regularly.

I believe his numbers to be true. I also believe there is a lot of apathy in the churches today. We hold Prayer on the Square and a small number of people come, sometimes just one or two. We hold the National Day of Prayer and we have maybe 40 people in attendance but very few if the weather is bad. I encourage all the churches in Freestone County to participate in this marvelous program and reach out to share the gospel in order to bring about a revival in this God given land. For information on this program contact www.myhopewithbillygraham.org

In His Service,

Jan Fielden

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