Please Help Get The Decision Over-Turned

To Whom It May Concern


Please help us in spreading the word all across the Great state of Texas. The Teague TX High School Band competed last week in Waco and received a 1 and moved forward to compete again Saturday at Regionals. They received a 7 in the 1st competition (places 1-10 would go on to compete in the finals) but got rained out of the finals. So Windle Giddion of UIL decided they would end the competition and only advance the top five bands from the earlier competition. All the kids have worked so hard and didn?t even get a chance to compete. Please help us in reposting this to anyone and everyone across our great state so that hopefully Windle Giddion?s ruling can be over turned and not just so Teague High School band can have a chance to compete but so will the other four schools that were unfairly dismissed can have a chance as well. Needless to say the kids were extremely disappointed and heart broken. I also request that people call UIL at 512-471-5883 and voice your opinions or email them at music@uiltexas.org

?Please help support our youth.


Best Regards,

Irene M. Young

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