Betty Alewine Prefers Antique Business

Over Retirement

Betty Alewine

?My career job was owning and operating Freestone County Title & Abst. Co., Inc., in Fairfield, where I worked as an abstracter and title researcher, manager and escrow agent,? said Betty Alewine. ?I was in the title business for 35 years.

Ms. Alewine said, ?Retirement was not the thing for me and I decided to go into the antique business.? She is a Certified Antique Appraiser and holds estate sales in people?s homes. At Parker Square Antique Mall, 503 E. Commerce in Fairfield. Ms. Alewine rents booth spaces to vendors and they furnish their booth with what they want to sell. ?I have wonderful vendors who have been with me for years,? said Betty. ?There is at least a one year waiting list for booth spaces because no one ever moves out.? Their friendliness brings buyers from everywhere. Parker Square Antique Mall is located just west of Wells Fargo Bank and is open six days a week from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Betty was born in Galveston, Texas, in the charity ward of the John Sealy Hospital during the depression. Her family moved to Teague in 1941 when her dad, George R. Mulcahy came here to work for the railroad. Besides her dad there was her mother Ruth Elaine Burney Mulcahy and her two brothers, George R. Mulcahy, Jr., and Robert B. Mulcahy, her sister Jeane F. Mulcahy Carroll and Betty J. Mulcahy Conovan Alewine.

?I graduated from Teague High School, downtown, in 1951,? said Betty. ?I was in the band and the high school orchestra and drum major.? She was a member of the Honor Society, Quill & Scroll, Student Council, and received the senior trophy for Most Outstanding Senior Girl.

Her son, Jeff Conovan graduated from Teague High School as well as her daughter, Kim Conovan McAlpine. Betty?s daughter, Sherri Conovan Missildine Gregory and her husband Mike Gregory live in Teague. Betty?s grandchildren who graduated from Teague High School are Kristi McAlpine, Chris Hurst, Keith Missildine and great grandchildren, Pam and Douglas Hurst.

?My first husband, the father of my children, worked at NASA during the flight to the moon,? said Mrs. Alewine. ?It was a very exciting time. Her second husband, Bennie L. Alewine, worked internationally for oil companies in Industrial Development. In 1985, International Executive Services, where he was a volunteer, nominated him for President Reagan?s ?World Without Hunger? Award. Remembering him Ms. Alewine said, ?He had no children but thought of my children as his own.?

Ms. Alewine has served in the community tirelessly. She was a Director for the Teague Chamber of Commerce, Board of Trustees T.I.S.D., Council Member City of Teague, Board of Trustees of the First United Methodist Church, Member of Freestone County Historical Commission, and was a Charter Member of Teague Historical Preservation Society, Inc. ?The best thing my parents ever did was to bring our family to Teague, the greatest place to grow up and live. GO LIONS!

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