Fairfield Tractor Moving To Teague

Council Approves Aax abatement

Teague City Council members approved a motion to abate city property taxes for a five-year period for Fairfield Tractors, which is relocating to Teague and will be located at the former Lone Star Chevrolet dealership on Hwy. 84 East. City Council members approved the motion while meeting in regular session on Tuesday evening, October 15th.

The motion also included authorizing City Administrator Judy Keally to obtain a tax abatement ordinance drafted by the City Attorney and was approved with the understanding that if the business ceases operating, that year?s taxes will become due.

City administrator Keally was also authorized to obtain preliminary bids on city owned property at 315 Main Street (Dr. Cox & Halbert building) to see how much it would cost to renovate the building so it could house the Teague Police Department. The estimated costs for the improvements to the building will be presented to council members at the November City Council meeting.

A motion to install turnstile gates on the fenced-in area at the Teague City Park was approved as a safety measure by council members to keep horses out of the City Park Playground area during rodeos and ranch rodeos.

A request from Alan Carroll to disannex approximately 10 acres of land located on Hwy. 84 was tabled until the November meeting, as was a bid from J.M. Millworks to restore the City Park Pavillion. Council members are hoping additional bids will be submitted for the proposed renovation to the facility.

Council members selected the low bid of $17,500 from Randy turner Services to Clean Turtle Creek to allow the flow of water properly as it is a main tributary. Also bidding on the project was Bobby Brown in the amount of $28,700.

A motion to rescind a motion from the June council meeting that approved a bid to Smith Pump and approve the bid to Alsay Corporation for pumps in the Water Department was approved. Council members also approved a motion adopting a resolution for the donation of a computer to the Teague Chamber of Commerce.

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