Freestone County Felony Indictments Returned

The Freestone County Grand Jury handed down eight felony indictments while meeting in regular session in the Freestone County Courthouse on Wednesday, September 25, 2013.

The charges were presented to the grand jury by County Attorney Chris Martin and included, Possession of Substance in penalty Group 1, Felony Assault, Burglary of a Habitation, Injury to a Child, Assault Family Violence Enhanced, Indecency with a Child, Driving While Intoxicated Felony Offense, and Burglary of a Building.

The indictments handed down by the grand jury have been released by the County Attorney?s office as follows:

Rocky Lee Granberry, W/M, 35 years old, Fairfield, Possession of Substance in penalty Group 1, Methamphetamine. Less than one gram. Date of Offense: August 5, 2013.

Jonathan Lorenzo McWilliams, B/M, 32 years old, Teague, Felony Assault. Date of offense: August 11, 2013.

Dana Darlene Mansfield, W/F, 44 years old, Teague, Burglary of a Habitation Date of Offense: August 2, 2013.

Allan Wyatt Tisdale, W/M, 62 years old, Streetman, Injury to a child, Date of Offense: January 15, 2007.

Deserie Blair ? AKA Deserie McAnally, W/F, 34 years old, Fairfield, Assault Family Violence Enhanced. Date of Offense: August 13, 2013.

Robert Lee Gee, B/M, 54 years old, Mexia, Indecency with a Child. Date of Offense: June 15, 2007.

Heather Jean-Marie Pirtle, W/F, 35 years old, Princeton, Texas, Driving While Intoxicated, Felony Offense, Date of Offense: August 9, 2013.

Dylan Wade McGinn, W/M, 20 years old, Teague, Burglary of a Building, Date of Offense: August 8, 2013.

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