Dickson Is An Asset To Teague

Harrol Dickson

?My name is Harrol Dickson. Not Harold,? he says with a big bright smile. Harrol and his wife Ann have lived in Teague since he was transferred here to manage the J.B. White dry goods store in 1959.

By the time he arrived in Teague, Dickson was an asset to the J.B. White stores as he had managed stores since he was the youngest manager ever in the Jacksonville, Texas store in 1952. He was sent to Gonzales, to take over the J.B. White store there in 1957.

Harrol wasn?t fond of life in Gonzales but found the place where he and Ann would be happy for the rest on their lives when he was sent to Teague in 1959. The store was the former Teague Dry Goods until it was remodeled and became J.B. White. Ann worked with Harrol much of the time either part time or full time.

Mr. J.B. White passed away and the store closed down in 1990. He managed the store in Fairfield until 1991 when all the J.B. White Stores went out of business.

Harrol Dickson was born in Jacksonville, Cherokee County, Texas, one of six children to Willie Lee and Jewel Lee Dickson. ?And his mother?s favorite, a real mama?s boy,? added Ann. He grew up in the small town of Dialville, Texas where he graduated from Dialville High School in 1952.

Miss Ann Sherman was the daughter of Pastor Lotus Sherman and Mattie Lee Sherman. Harrol and Ann met at her father?s church, Afton Grove Baptist Church, when he was 16 and she was almost 16. They will celebrate 60 years of marriage in January 2014. The couple have two daughters, Renee who graduated from Teague High School in 1976 and Kay, T.H.S. graduate with the Class of 1978. They have four grandchildren and one great grandchild and have been active members of Eighth Avenue Baptist Church since 1959.

Following the closing of J.B. White, Harrol worked for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice after attending school at Huntsville and had a job at the Boyd Unit before it opened. He worked there from 1992 until 2002 when he retired.

?I love being outside and working in the yard,? said Mr. Dickson. If he had not worked as he did?.he should have been a landscape artist. The grounds around he and Ann?s home are beautifully manicured and designed. He definitely has a ?green thumb? as everything he plants grows full and lush. The Dickson home has been featured several times on the Teague Garden Tour (a fundraiser for the TVFD), and in the newspapers in the Spring Garden section. Now that Harrol is retired, he still works. Mowing and landscaping for other people!

During his years at J.B. White and after, Mr. Dickson has helped many people. He once gave a grieving mother, who couldn?t afford it, suitable clothes to bury her child.

Harrol and Ann are a great asset to the Teague community.

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