Debut Exhibition for Teague 4-H Photographer

THS Junior Hannah Dimiceli

MAYOR EARNEST PACK presents A Certificate of Valor to Teague Scout Alex Fuentes for saving the life of Kelley Starnes in a house fire on Mulberry Street. Fuentes saw Starnes run back into the burning house and went into the house after her and brought her out safely.

??The moment I discovered the function of a camera, taking pictures appealed to me,? says Hannah Dimiceli of Freestone 4-H Club.

? This Teague High School junior entered her first 4-H Photography contest last year, advancing to State competition to earn five blue ribbons.

On Saturday, September 28, 2013, Ms. Dimiceli will enjoy another first:? Opening Night of her debut Photography Exhibition entitled ?Biology:? All Things Life.?

? The Exhibition, held in downtown Fairfield, Texas at Healthy Rhythm Community Art Gallery, will feature 60 photographs by this young artist.? The pictures feature insects, wildlife, flowers and an elephant.

? The exhibition will open at 6:30 p.m. on September 28th at 127 S. Mount Street (on the Freestone County Courthouse Square).

? Ms. Dimiceli?s Exhibition Prints will be available for purchase on Opening Night.? All Gallery proceeds from the purchase of Exhibition Prints will go to fund YOUTH IN ARTS initiatives.

? Light refreshments will be served and a $10 donation is requested.

? Please join in supporting local artists and youth.

? Healthy Rhythm Community Art Gallery affords diverse individuals a user-friendly space to create, exhibit, and sell various forms of artwork.? For more information, e-mail Gallery owner Ken Vail at healthyrhythm@gmail.com.

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