A Holy Hug

We had a delightful day last Saturday. My wife and I traveled down to Old Town Spring, just the other side of the Woodlands, down Houston way, where my daughter has a shop called ?Cowboys and Angels?. It?s a western motif type of store with a lot of western style furniture. They have bed furnishings, chest of drawers, corner drawers, tables and chairs, entertainment centers, and mirrored drawers, all in western style, along with crosses of all styles, candles and settings, lamps, pictures, and all kinds of unique home boutique items to put in your homes.?You?ought to?check them out at www.cowboysandangelshomeboutique.com. (Shameless, aren?t I?)?Anyway, the reason we went was to attend my granddaughter?s birthday party. It was a tea party at a place called Crossroads Collections, just a few stores down from?my daughter?s store.?Now, I don?t go to tea parties, but this one was special. And, I?m not ashamed to say, we had a lot of fun just watching a table full of little girls giggling and cutting up,?and enjoying each other, all the while?drinking Bubble Gum and Tootie Fruitie teas. Of course we adults had Orange Pekoe Tea and some other rather delicious flavored tea. I think I had eight cups of the flavored tea. They also had chocolate covered strawberries, little lemon pies with a raspberry on top, egg-salad sandwich squares, and some kind of round finger sandwiches with dark and light brown bread. My favorite was the pickle sandwiches! And of course there were cookies and chocolate-chip muffins, and a?chocolate and white birthday cake with pink icing. Just right for little girl parties.

?? But the thing that made it all special for me, was when we entered the party, my precious little granddaughter left her spot at the table, the seat of honor, and ran over to my wife and I, and greeted us with out-stretched arms, a big ole? bear hug, and several kisses on the cheek. That made our day! In spite of the fun we had watching everything going on, nothing was better than that special greeting.

?? That?s exactly?the kind of greeting?Paul was talking about when he?wrote in 2 Corinthians 13:12?and then again in 1 Thessalonians 5:26, ?Greet one another with a holy kiss.? Well, maybe, for today?s sake, we ought to change that to, ?Greet one another with a holy hug, or a holy handshake.? I don?t want to go politically correct on you here, but some of us men might get a little bent out of shape if some other guy comes?along and ?pecks? our wives with a ?holy kiss?, know-what-I-mean? In that day and time, it was a common expression of friendship and brotherly love, but that love was meant for good and not evil or selfish intent. One of the catch phrases of that day about the Christian church was, ?See how they love one another.? It was a testimony?of their love for the Savior. I guess the best example that we have is the commandment that Jesus left us, ?A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another. As I have loved you, so are you to love one another, and by this shall all men know that you are My disciples.? (John 13:34, 35.)

?? There is a song that came out several years ago entitled, ?You Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love.? So, when you greet one another with a ?holy kiss?, make sure that it is real and true, and an example of God?s love. You?ll never know who?s husband or wife will be looking!

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