Teague City Council Abolishes Fees

For Garage Sales and Debit Cards

In an effort to continue working towards being a more people friendly city, Teague City Council members abolished their garage sale ordinance eliminating the number of garage sales a residence can have each year and the $5 garage sale permit fee. Council members also abolished the five percent fee for customers paying their water bills by debit cards.

The action was taken during the City Council?s regularly scheduled meeting held October 20th at City Hall. Present at the meeting were Mayor Earnest Pack, City Secretary Judy KeallyAlderman Ron Rasbeary, Chris Nickleberry and Marilyn Michaud.

Council members also approved a motion to allow Teague Police Officers who reside in the Teague city limits to drive their patrol cars home when off duty. Staying on police business, council members ratified James Monks as a reserve officer and approved a motion, which would allow the Teague P.D. to have up to ten reserve officers on their roster.

Council members rescinded portions of a city ordinance approved in 2011, which created the position of city secretary, and reestablishing the office of City Administrator/Secretary.

Council members approved capital improvements in the administration office at City Hall to include carpeting and installing a secure cash counter for employee?s safety.

A motion was approved to use the company First Check to perform complete nationwide background checks on potential new employees for the city.

Council members met in executive session and when they reconvened the meeting took the following action:

- Transfer Teri Kuehl from the utility department to the Animal Control position.

- Agreed to contract with Ricky Vincent on a part-basis for Code Enforcement Officer. He will work under the supervision of TPD Chief Dennis Cox.

- Approved a motion to set up a workshop meeting with the Teague Economic Development Corporation.

- Approved a motion to pursue a replacement for the Utility Billing Clerk at a wage of up to $15 per hour.

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