Tax-Free Weekend Is Here, August 9-11

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday

APPROXIMATELY 80 STUDENT ATHLETES in grades 9-12 turned out for football practice Monday morning at Teague High School to begin preparing for the upcoming season. Practices will begin at 8 a.m. all this week and 4 p.m. all next week. Offensive Linemen are shown above going through some blocking drills Tuesday morning. A total of 30 Lady Lion student athletes in grades 9-12 turned out for Volleyball practices, which also began Monday morning.

For the last fourteen years, the state of Texas has provided for one weekend in August where no sales tax is charged on most clothing, shoes, school supplies and back packs priced under $100.? This year the sales tax holiday is this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 9th, 10th and 11th.? Shoppers will save about $8 on every $100 they spend during the sales tax holiday.

Most clothing and shoes selling for less than $100 are exempt from sales tax during the holiday.? The exemption applies to each item, regardless of how many items are sold to a customer on a single invoice.? For example, if a customer purchases two pairs of shoes for $90 each, the exemption applies to each pair of shoes, even though the total purchase exceeds the $100 limit.

Important to note, if a customer buys shoes that costs $150, there is no sales tax exemption.? The exemption does not apply to the first $100 of the selling price; it only applies to items with a selling price of $100 or less.

The exemption also does not apply to sales of special clothing or shoes that are designed primarily for athletic activity and is not normally worn outside of the athletic activity.? For example, football cleats are generally only worn during athletic activities.? In contrast, items such as sweats, swimsuits, and regular athletic shoes without cleats qualify for the sales tax exemption because these items may be worn for purposes other than athletics.

Backpacks priced under $100 and used by elementary or secondary students are exempt from sales tax as well.? In addition, school supplies priced at less than $100 are eligible for the exemption, again assuming they are to be used by elementary or secondary students.? School supplies purchased for a college student are not exempt from sales tax.

?Texas families can take advantage of the sales tax holiday when doing their back-to-school shopping,? says Texas Comptroller Susan Combs. ?The tax holiday applies to a variety of items ranging from pens to jeans to help shoppers around Texas save some of their hard earned money.?

Lists of apparel and school supplies that may be purchased tax?free can be found on the Comptroller?s website at www.TexasTaxHoliday.org.

This year, shoppers will save an estimated $74.1 million in state and local sales taxes during the Sales Tax Holiday.

The dates for the tax holiday weekend are established by the Legislature in the state tax code. The sales tax holiday has been an annual event since 1999.

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