You know what a ?Do-Over? is, don?t you? That?s when you mess something up, but you get another chance to make it right when you try it again. I used to get ?do-overs? every Sunday when I was a little kid. My family was fully involved in church work when I was growing up. My mother taught Sunday School and my father was in charge of taking up the offering and counting the money every Sunday. This makes perfect sense since Dad was a banker. Well sir, this also meant that we sat together as a family in the auditorium when ?big church? came around. All went well until I got to wiggling around, which was every Sunday. As a result of my worship activities, so to speak, Dad would come home every Sunday and speak harshly to my backside, if you get my drift. But the next Sunday I had a chance to do a ?do over?, and I did, and he did!

??Now this brings me to?the subject of my devotion, which is ?Do Overs?. In Jeremiah 29:14?, we find that the Lord offered Israel a ?do over?, if they would promise to love Him and seek Him with all their hearts. To that promise, He gave His own: ?You will call to Me and seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart. And if they did seek Him with all their heart, then He promised to restore them to the land He had taken them from, the land of Canaan, where they would stay and no longer be carried away from in captivity. The reason He let them experience the results of their rebellion was because they had turned their backs on Him and had told Him in essence to leave them alone! That?s exactly what He did. He left them to their own devices, and the result was that Assyria and Babylon came and carried them off in captivity to their own lands.

?? I?m afraid that there are a mighty lot of us who, from time to time, tell God to leave us alone, that we want to do our own thing, and you know what? He does. So we find ourselves in some kind of turmoil or another. We are like the man who was bothered about his taxes. He couldn?t sleep, he couldn?t eat without stomach problems, and his health was in a total turmoil. Finally, out of great guilt, he wrote the IRS. He told them, ?I can?t stand it no more! I can?t sleep. I can?t eat, and I can find no peace! Enclosed you will find a check for $50.00. If I still can?t sleep after that, I?ll send you the balance!?

?? Here?s the thing. We know we should be following the Lord a lot more closely than we do, we need to read His Word more, we need to worship Him in His church, and we know we should be telling others about His goodness towards us, but like this guy, we are only doing so, half heartedly. The blessing we need to remember is that God desires for us to walk close with Him, and He is ready to forgive us and to give us anther ?do over? more than we realize. When God forgives, He really forgives. He doesn?t hit us over the head with guilt. That?s what the devil does. Instead, He showers us with His love and fellowship. And when we walk in His fellowship, we understand what a ?do over? really is.?

?? So if you have wandered away like Israel did, let me encourage you to come back, because God has a great ?do over? made especially for you.

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