Burns Has Always Contributed To Teague’s Welfare

Joycie Burns

Joycie Burns is a Teague citizen who has always contributed to the welfare of our community. She was born in Freestone County and graduated from Dogan High School in 1958. She and her husband Billy Burns have been married for 54 years and have four children; Bob, James, Kathy, and Patricia, ten grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Mrs. Burns began her career in business in 1963 when she opened a small snack bar across from Jefferson Street Park in Teague. ?We sold hamburgers, corny dogs, chili dogs, drinks, snow cones and those kinds of things the kids like,? said Joycie.

In the years after the snack bar she would be employed by the Teague Independent School District for 8 years, Mexia State School for 2 years and Dow Chemical Corp. for 8 years.

In 1985 Mrs. Burns opened Burns Insurance Company and worked out of her home but in 1986 she had the opportunity to purchase the building at 414 Main Street and moved downtown.

Burns Insurance Co., now owned by Joycie?s daughter-in-law agent Stephanie Burns. It is a Farmers Insurance Co. and has a full line of insurance coverage.

After moving into the building on Main Street, Mrs. Burns realized she had more space available to her and decided to bring another service to the people of Teague, and opened Burns Office Supply. Billy Burns retired from TxDot in 1995 after 25 years of service.

Mrs. Joycie Burns has been a part of the backbone of this community all her life. She has served on the Board of Examiners for Hearing and Dispensing of Hearing Equipment, NAACP at the local, state and national level, 1977 president of the Dogan High School Alumni Association and helped organize the scholarship fund, served on The Teague Economic Development Board, the Library Board, served on the HOT Workforce Board and helped put a Workforce Center in every county in Region 6, and is still a member of the Freestone County Appraisal Board. She is a recipient of the Boyd Community Service Award for her dedication to the Teague Community. Billy and Joycie are members of the First Baptist Church North, of Teague.

Joycie decided to retire in 2012 but still worked off and on for awhile helping everyone become accustomed to her departure from the business world. Joycie has always thought of others and how she could make Teague and Freestone County a better place to live. She has given of herself, her time, her energy and outstanding ability to make sweet potato pie, to our community. Joycie Burns is one of those special people that make Teague a better place to live.

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