Roadways And Campsites To Be Reconstructed

At Fairfield State Park

In an ongoing effort to improve safety and relieve congestion, the Texas Transportation Commission recently approved a construction job in Freestone County.?

This $1.6 million project was awarded to A.L. Helmcamp Inc., to reconstruct the roadways and campsites at the Fairfield Lake State Park.? This project is anticipated to begin in Fall of 2013 and be complete by Summer of 2014.

??As Texas roadways become increasingly crowded, we must find ways to relieve congestion without compromising safety,? said Phil Wilson, TxDOT executive director. ?Keeping travelers moving safely and efficiently will continue to be an ongoing priority as Texas welcomes nearly 1,000 newcomers each day.?

??A first-class transportation system not only provides a tremendous impact to the immediate community, but also to the entire state as it improves commerce and mobility while creating jobs,? said Commissioner Jeff Moseley, Texas Transportation Commission. ?We are pleased to see this project moving forward and look forward to the benefits and opportunities it will create.?

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