City Council Scraps Highway 84 Project

Lowers User Fees

Teague City Council members scrapped the Highway 84 infrastructure project and lowered the cost of a number of fees and services charged to customers while meeting in regular session on June 18, 2013 at City Hall.

Council members discussed the $2.2 million project in a meeting several weeks ago and officially cut their losses and scrapped the project, which would have brought city water and sewer out Highway 84 towards Fairfield.

Fees lowered by the council included rental of Community center from $175 to $150 per day, abolished the $50 building permit application fee; changed the Building Permit Const. Inspection fee from $700 to $500 or $125 per inspection, abolished the $50 sign permit fee; abolished the $50 water disconnect (non payment) fee, lowered the water reconnect fee form $50 to $25; and lowered the mobile home permit fee from $750 to $500. Council members also abolished a permit fee for the sale of alcoholic beverages in Teague. The fee abolished was one half of the fees charge by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission of $1,000 which ever is less.

Council members turned down a request to cut fencing around the park and put in two gates to allow parking inside the fenced area for the Rodeo Association. The Council had reportedly met with the rodeo Association earlier in the year and they had no objection to the fence being installed at that time.

Council members put Tow Daddy Wrecker Service on the city?s rotation schedule and agreed to hire Jason Fisk in the Public Works Department.

The council agreed to rebid repairs to the SCADA system in the water department and will have interim City Manager Judy Kealey take a look at the cost of uniforms for city employees.

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