Relay For Life Making Plans To Fight Cancer In 2014

AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY representative, Shannon Landolt, spoke to a group interested in helping with the 2014 Teague Relay for Life. There were many questions and everyone had special reasons for being there. Most had people that they care about who are fighting cancer. Shannon told about the many strides being made in cancer research and helping patients who are dealing with the many treatments that come with surviving cancer.

Relay for Life held a Committee Interest Meeting on Thursday afternoon, June 20th, at the Teague City Park. American Cancer Society representative, Shannon Landolt, was on hand to answer questions such as: What does the American Cancer Society do, How can I help some on who has cancer, Where does the money go, What is Relay for Life and many more.

Every day the American Cancer Society is saving lives and creating a world with more birthdays. Nearly 14 million people in the U.S. who have had cancer and countless more who have avoided it, will be celebrating birthdays this year. The American Cancer Society has awarded more than $38 billion in research grants since 1946. More than $49 million in 80 grants are in effect at 19 hospitals and institutions throughout the high plains right now. There have been over 1 million calls answered per year, by trained Cancer Information Specialists and free lodging for more than 40,000 patients in 31 locations was supplied. Free transportation services were given to over one million patients going to treatment appointments.

The American Cancer Society is making great strides on so many levels as well as the ongoing research to find a cure for all cancer. Relay for Life is already starting to plan for next year and an even better success than we enjoyed this year. Please support our local Teague Relay for Life. For questions about Relay for Life contact Shannon Landolt at (254) 753-0807 or Shannon.landolt@cancer.org.

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