Basic Instinct

Well, I?m finally going to wire my shop. It?s been a long time coming. I should have done it two years ago, but hey, who?s counting time? And this week, I?ve got some help! My grandson, who is in the third grade, is visiting with us and I told him he could help me get the job done. You know, nail some wires, hang some plugs, stuff like that. Say, did you hear about the little boy who was watching his preacher hang some trellises? The preacher was so proud that he had an admirer, but what he really had was someone who wondered what the preacher would say when he hit his thumb with a hammer! Well, my grandson might learn that, too.?In which case,?he probably won?t help me anymore either. But we?re going to have fun.

?? Now, I?ve had experience at being a ?master electrician?. You see, I?wired the shop that I had down at Donie. When?my Dad took his heavenly trip, I inherited all his tools, so the good people of Donie First Baptist Church?graciously bought a shop so I could have a place to put everything and demonstrate my master carpentering, which is another story. In order to get it set up, I had to put in the wiring and I?did pretty good, if I don?t say so myself. Of course, I did have some help when it came to putting in the lights, switches, and hanging fan lights, but most of it I did myself. (Do I hear some gloating going on here?) With all that great experience behind me, I?m ready to tackle my own shop here.

?? Fortunately, when Dad passed on to his carpenter shop in heaven, he left me with a set of instructions. He gave me some drawings to follow and even more important than that, he left me a plug-in with wires coming in and wires going out, so I could have a ?real-live? example to follow. I?m going to frame that example when I?m all done and hang it in my shop for all to see. (There?s that gloating again!) Ya?ll better pray for me so I don?t electrocute myself!

?? But I?ve got another back-up plan?in case all that doesn?t work. You see, I bought me a handy-dandy ?Stanley Complete Wiring? book with pictures and drawings and all kinds of instructions in case I really get stuck. It?s the ?Expanded Edition! with a Free DVD inside!? Sort of like those ?Idiot? books you can buy for computers. You know, ?Windows Seven For Idiots!? Only I prefer to call them, ?for the computeree challenged?, if you don?t mind.

?? Well, we?ve?got a kind-of ?Life Book For the Living Challenged?, in a way. It?s called the Bible! I have a friend who reminds me what the word ?B.I.B.L.E.? really stands for: ?Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth?. And, that?s really what it is. An instruction book for living. The Psalmist said this about the Bible: ?Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.? (Psalm 119:105). And believe me, folks, some of us really do need a lamp for our feet to walk this pathway called ?Life?! The writer of Proverbs put it this way, ?For the commandment is a lamp, and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life.? (Prov. 6:23). If you?ll read Psalm 19:7-14, you?ll find that this Book of Basic Instruction is ?sweeter than honey, and more to be desired than gold.??

?? So, what do you say? When you wake up in the morning, or before you retire for the night, how about reading this Old but New Instruction Book, and, learn?how to walk this pathway called Life?

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