Front-end Alignment

I?ve got to have a front-end alignment on my truck. I called one garage and the guy said that they do what?s called a ?toe-in?, whatever that is. And it could also be that I need new tires. Have you priced those things lately? Sheeish! I called another garage and he said that since the inside of both my front tires are ?balding?, then the front in could be ?leaning?. What the heck does that mean? I know it pulls some and I have to keep my hands pretty well on the steering wheel, but it doesn?t seem to lean to the left or the right. It seems to stand up all right. Of course, my ?tire-light? on the inside seems to stay shining all the time, and it has been a while since I?ve let a bon-i-fide Nissan place take a good look at it, but those guys are expensive too! A ?toe-in? makes it sound like my truck is pigeon-toed! On the other hand, this ?leaning? business makes it sound like my truck is drunk or something! Maybe it?s that new brand of corn-squeezen-gasoline that the government want us to try!?Then again, it might just have something wrong with it!

?? Well, every now and then we need a spiritual alignment in our lives. I mean, we get a little toe-headed in our thoughts, or we lean somewhat to the left in our actions that take us out of alignment with the Lord and His Word. We figure that we?ve got this thing called ?life? all figured out, but we wind up making a real mess of things in the end. Know what I mean? And I believe that it?s this thing the Bible calls, ?Sin?, that gets us out of alignment, spiritually. You do know how to spell ?sin?, don?t you? It?s spelled, ?S - Me - My - and I, - N?! It has a whole lot to do with what We want, and not with what God wants for our lives. We need to be like the old country preacher who, when asked what he thought about sin, said, ?I?m again? it!? Remember the old Hee-Haw Show? It seems that Doc Campbell was confronted by a patient who said he broke his arm in two places and the good doctor replied, ?Then stay out of them places!? He may have something here, you think? We can?t regularly put ourselves in the face of temptation and not be affected by it.

?? Fortunately we have Someone who can help us ?stay out of them places?, and that is the Holy Spirit. When Jesus left this earth for His heavenly home, He promised, ?I will not leave you alone. I will send the Comforter who will live with you and in you. He is the Spirit of truth and he will guide you into all truth.? (John 16:13, paraphrased edition. If you want the whole picture, read John 14?through 16.) So the next time you feel like you are about to get out of spiritual alignment and need some help to stay in line, call upon the Holy Spirit to help you and He will.

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