Teague Man Facing Arson Charges

LEO HICKS was taken into custody on Wednesday, May 22nd, following a chase through the woods by law enforcement officers after allegedly setting his trailer home on fire. Mr. Hicks was taken to the Limestone Sheriff’s Office and is being held at the Limestone County Jail on two counts of Arson and three counts of Terroristic Threat.

Leo Hicks, 44, of Teague, was taken into custody after reportedly lighting his trailer house on fire on family property west of Teague on Wednesday, afternoon, May 22nd.

The Teague Volunteer Fire Department received a call of a structure fire on FM 1365 approximately three miles west of Teague, which is a place the firemen know well as they had been there two days prior to extinguish a fire in another trailer house at that location. ?This is the third place on the property that Mr. Hicks has burnt to the ground,? said Teague Fire Chief Joey Bodine. ?The first was the families? old home place, the second was his uncle?s trailer and now his own home.?

Jason Owen, a surveyor with Knife River Corporation, a company that is working on FM 1365 in front of the Hicks? property, was in contact with Mr. Hicks prior to the fire. ?I had spoken to Mr. Hicks before and as I drove up I saw him standing in the road so I stopped to talk to him and get him off of the roadway,? said Mr. Owen. ?He seemed very confused and angry and he wasn?t making much sense. He was saying that he was going to burn ?it? down and that he was going to kill some people. He was talking like he was God. He said that people weren?t following the true God and they should be following him.? Mr. Owen went to speak with his boss about the situation as Mr. Hicks had been getting to close to the companies heavy equipment and trucks. Mr. Owen said, ?Just as I was telling my boss about him we looked up and saw the smoke begin to rise.? They called the fire department.

The Teague firemen came immediately but couldn?t stop the blaze because Mr. Hicks had run into the trees and it wasn?t known if he was armed. People in close proximity to the property were asked to evacuate the area until the Teague Police and Sheriff?s Department officers arrived and the area was secured. It was a few very tense minutes until the officers were on the scene and were able to contain Mr. Hicks and bring him to safety.

The Teague firemen went in to combat the blaze, however, by the time it was safe to fight the fire the trailer was a complete loss.

Mr. Hicks was transported to the Freestone County Jail where the book-in process was began but was stopped with Hicks being transferred immediately to Limestone County Sheriff?s Office. Pending charges are two counts of Arson and three counts of Terroristic Threats, according to the FCSO.

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