Lions Named To All-District Baseball Team

After Reaching Regional Quarterfinals

PATRICIA COLBERT AND FRANK MARTIN were crowned Freestone County Senior Citizen’s King and Queen at the annual Freestone County Senior Citizens Luncheon held on Friday, May 17th. Ms. Colbert is from the Butler Senior Citizens Center and Mr. Martin is from the Fairfield Senior Citizens Center. The luncheon was held at Eighth Avenue Baptist Church’s Christian Life Center.

Eight Teague Lion Varsity Baseball players and their coach have been named to the District 23AA All-District Team.

With the Lions bowing out of the play-off at the Regional Quarterfinals for the second consecutive year this past weekend, District coaches met together to make the All-District selections.

Lions were named to several top positions in the All-District selections including Offensive Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Pitcher of the Year and Coach of the Year.

Sophomore Aaron Mitchell was named the Offensive Player of the Year, senior Evan Goodwin was named the Defensive Player of the Year, sophomore Austin Skinner was named the Pitcher of the Year, and Lion Head Coach Kyle Kilman was named Coach of the Year.

Also receiving honors were senior Lane Scruggs, 1st Team Infielder; senior Seth Strader, 1st Team Outfielder; junior Dustin West, 2nd Team Infielder; senior Jordan Maggard, 2nd Team Outfielder; and senior Will Graham, 2nd Team Designated Hitter.

Congratulations to these Lions and their teammates for an outstanding season.

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