Performance Ford Receives Prestigious Award

FOR THE SECOND CONSECUTIVE YEAR, Ford Motor Credit has presented Performance Ford with their highest award, the “Partners In Quality” Award. Thanks to their loyal customers and employees, Performance Ford was one of six dealerships in the Dallas region, which includes 200 dealerships and one of one hundred dealerships out of 3,400 across the country to receive the award. Presenting the award to owner Fernado Varela (center) is Ford Motor Credit Central Area General Manager Candelario “C.B.” Bagarena, as employees look on.

For the second consecutive year, Performance Ford in Fairfield has been presented with Ford Motor Credit?s ?Partners in Quality? Award, the most prestigious award given by the company.

Ford Motor Credit Central Market Area General Manager Candelario ?C.B? Bagarena presented the award to owner Fernado Varela, prior to a noon meal on Thursday, May 9th at the dealership.

Varela accepted the award on behalf of the employees of Performance Ford. ?This shows the hard work and the dedication our employees have. They go above and beyond the call of duty. I thank each and everyone of you,? said Varela, to all his employees who had assembled on the showroom floor.

Ford Motor Credit General manager ?C.B.? Bagarena said the ?Partners in Quality? Award is the most prestigious award given and commended the Performance Ford staff for winning the award for two consecutive years. He said very few dealerships ever receive this award. ?It is truly a huge accomplishment to win this award for two consecutive years,? said Bagarena. ?I must say congratulations to you, and thank you for partnering with Ford Motor Credit. This award is based on the level of customer satisfaction and your loyalty to Ford Motor Credit.?

Performance Ford was one of just six dealership in the Dallas Region and one of 100 dealerships out of some 3,400 Ford dealerships around the country to receive the award.

Congratulations to Performance Ford for a job well done.

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