Cookie’s Place Serves Up Some Delicious Food

COOKIE AND HER HUSBAND, Kemp, sit in a booth at their new restaurant, Cookie’s Place, located on Highway 84 (across from Hyden Family Barbecue). Cookie has been cooking for others and in her own restaurants for years and now has opened one in Teague.

Cookie has opened a restaurant that serves fish, great burgers, soul food, and lots of scrumptious food and she did it in Teague! ?I have lived in Teague for the past eight years and I realized that there was little or no food being served late in the evening,? said Cookie. ?You have to drive to Fairfield to get something to eat if it is later.? So she decided to open Cookie?s Place. She decided to open in the closed restaurant at 954 Hwy 84 E. in Teague (across from Hyden Family Barbecue). She and her husband opened on March 23, 2013 and have been very busy ever since.

Cookie is from Fairfield and owned and operated The Hut in 1989. Cookie learned to cook from her mother, Lucille Smith, who worked for many years at Freestone County Country Club (now Big Cedar Country Club). ?Many people knew her and loved her cooking,? said Cookie. Cookie, who?s given name is Ruby Smith, would go to work with her mother and do whatever was needed and she learned to cook like her mother. She also cooked for her five brothers while her mother was at work. Cookie has worked at the country club also as well as the Barn Stop and for churches, organizations, meetings, etc.

Cookie is married to Kemp Taylor who works in the oil fields. They have been together for over ten years. Kemp helps his wife as much as he can and supports her in this endeavor.

At Cookie?s Place they serve a wonderful hot plate special everyday as well as burgers and baskets, sandwiches, fish, stuffed baked potatoes, and great desserts. ?We always have a choice of meats and usually have fried food, baked food, sometimes casseroles and soups. The special might be chicken fried steak or chicken and dumplings. They also have Kids Meals and salad. Just go in and see for yourself all the great things to eat.

Cookie?s Place is open from 10:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Pick-up a menu to keep at home to call in take-out orders.

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor belong to Behind The Veil Church, Bishop Sam Cumby and Wife Pastor Lurna Cumby. ?Our church has been 100 percent supportive and has helped us all the way,? said Cookie. ?And I have to give thanks to my dear and best friend Diane Jones for her acts of kindness, support and help.?

?I want to thank the people of Teague, so very much, for their support and patience as we ironed out the kinks and were able to get things running smoothly,? said Cookie.

For take-out call Cookie?s Place at 254-739-7154 or call and find out what the special is for the day. However you do it, go and try the great food at Cookie?s Place. You will be glad you did!

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