Family Emphasized At Hyden Family Barbecue

RANDY HYDEN OF HYDEN Family Barbecue has great barbecue and a great staff to help him. Pictured is Randy Hyden surrounded by (l to r) Christine Bibby, Ashley Glover and Amber Brooner. Call in orders are available at 254-739-3102.

Hyden Family Barbecue has a large emphasis on the word family. In 1959 Clyde and Dessie Holloway opened Holloway?s Barbecue in Mexia. They developed the special seasonings and the one- of-a-kind recipe for their awesome barbecue sauce. The Holloways made wonderful barbecue from 1959 until 1971 when they decided to retire and get some well-deserved rest.

That?s when Kirby and Clydene Hyden, the Holloway?s daughter and son-in-law, joined the family barbecue business. They opened another barbecue restaurant in Groesbeck in 1977, as well as the one in Mexia and kept busy working and teaching their sons, Kirby and Randy, the barbecue business.

?I wasn?t always interested and worked in the restaurant off and on,? said Randy Hyden. ?You know how it is when you?re growing up and your parents want you to do something,? added Randy. But in 1983 the family business got the best of the brothers and they bought their parents out. Randy?s brother, Kirby, operates Kirby?s Barbecue in Mexia on Hwy. 14 and Randy established Hyden Family Barbecue in Teague.

?You can write this,? said Randy; ?I love Teague!? He added, ?I was told that you can?t run a restaurant in Teague, but I found that the people of Teague will trade for a good product at a fair price.?

Randy Hyden graduated from Groesbeck High School in 1971 and has lived in this area all his life. He and his wife Dawna have five children, Traci, Reed, Shelly and Steven including the late Scott Hyden. Randy and Dawna are proud of their seven grandchildren with one due in one or two weekend one due later in the year. Dawna Hyden is the Administrator at Groesbeck LTC Nursing Home in Groesbeck.

At Hyden Family Barbecue you can get barbecue sandwiches of sliced beef or chopped beef by the pound, a plate or on paper. They have sausage and German sausage wrap around sandwiches. You can get ham or turkey breast by the pound or plate and on Friday they serve fabulous ribs. Most entrees are served with pickles, onion and bread but you can also get potato salad, beans, cole slaw and corn on the cob. They also have special menu items such as stuffed baked potatoes with your choice of sour cream, chives, bacon, cheese and barbecue sauce. There are grilled cheese sandwiches, ham or turkey melts, Barbecue Boat with beans and cheese and foot long sausage hot dog with choices of mustard, relish, onions, cheese and chili. The Po-Boy Sandwich is a favorite that comes with Fritos, any meat, and two sides of your choice.

The Hyden Family Barbecue is located on Hwy. 84 and Whippoorwill Ln. They are open Wednesday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Randy opened Hyden Family Barbecue in August of 1997 and has been serving the people of Teague and many people who come to Teague just to eat the fine barbecue he prepares, for 15 years.

?I always tell my staff to prepare the food as if you were serving it to your own family,? said Randy. ?It?s the way my grandparents did and I am fortunate that they started our family business.?

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