There Is No Official Investigation Of Ms. Criddle

Seems Someone Is Trying To Ruin This Woman's Name

Dear Editor,


I am writing in response to the front page top story in the March 21st edition of The Teague Chronicle. The story states that Ms. LaShane Criddle, the former Executive Director of the Teague is under criminal investigation for ?financial improprieties.?

?I am wondering where Ms. Criddle?s response is in the story or a response or quote from a Freestone County official? I was curious, so I asked myself. It seems there is no official investigation of Ms. Criddle and that any questions that have been asked of her have been answered. ?

?I also believe that the EDC had a board that had to approve all financial reports monthly and that the EDC was audited yearly by an outside agency.

?Has anyone thought about all the things that happened during Ms. Criddle?s tenure as EDC director? New stadium seating and other improvements at the Teague Rodeo Arena, a Farmers Market, Donut?s and Chinese Fast Food, Ranch Nuevo Mexican Restaurant, Pizza Hut, Family Dollar and many smaller things too numerous to mention.

?It seems to me that someone is trying to ruin this good woman?s name. Small town politics at its best. Shame on you Teague for allowing this kind of thing to continue in your town.

? Bobbie Reynolds

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