McWilliams Appears On Dr. Oz Television Show

Brittney McWillliams

Brittney McWilliams, Teague High School graduate Class of 2008, model, and Blynn College student appeared on the Dr. Oz Show Wednesday, March 20th, at 3:00 p.m.

This whole thing began in February, 2009, while Brittney was attending school at Blynn College in Bryan, Texas. She was out for a run, a practice of hers to clear her head and relieve stress. While running she began coughing very hard and didn?t know what was happening to her. She said she was coughing so hard she could hardly breathe when suddenly she coughed up a 4 or 5 inch parasite. A big worm! She was horrified! Later she coughed up more, smaller parasites and went to the emergency room at a Bryan Hospital. They gave her a parasite drug which was supposed to kill parasites and sent her home. She didn?t get better. It was her primary doctor that kept searching for answers and found she had a parasite called Ascaris. This parasite can be deadly if not treated properly.

Brittney was put on the proper medication and is now free of the parasites. It did, however, leave her with asthma. Even the asthma is better as she is running again.

In March of 2011, Brittney was watching a show on Animal Planet called ?Monsters Inside Me? and thought they might be interested in her story. She sent it in and after a very long process, was chosen for the program.

A Monsters Inside Me crew came to her home in Teague and filmed her story. It aired in October 2012. Dr. Oz, famous TV doctor, saw the show and told his staff that he wanted to talk to Brittney and have her on the Doctor Oz Show. They called her on Monday, March 11th and flew her to New York City. She was given a room at the Columbus 6 New York City, the same hotel where Justin Bieber stays. ?It was beautiful and they paid for everything,? said Brittney. ?I didn?t get to meet Dr. Oz until we were filming the show and I was a little bit star-struck.? Before the show Brittney went to hair and make-up, which she really enjoyed. She was her usual self with a great personality and very pretty. Following the show the Associate Producer asked her to send them her resume. Shortly after that Brittney received a call from a casting director for ?The Bachelor.? We may get to watch Brittney on that show next!

?I wouldn?t have asked to have such a horrible thing happen, but if it had to maybe I will get a good job out of it,? Brittney laughed. She said she got the parasite from eating produce, mostly in salads, grown in other countries that are not regulated to fertilizing practices. She says she eats no bag lettuce and washes all produce in bleach water before eating. ?I never want to have anything like this again so I am very careful now,? said Brittney.

Brittney is the daughter of Doris E. McWilliams of Teague and Christopher Brackens of Fairfield.

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