Former EDC Executive Director Under Investigation

For A Number Of Alledged Financial Improprieties

A criminal investigation into the Economic Development Corporation of Teague and its former Executive Director LaShane Criddle concerning a number of alleged financial improprieties is currently being conducted by the Freestone County Attorney?s Office.

Criddle was hired in 2010 to oversee the operation of Corporation, which is funded by 25 percent of the sales tax rebate the City of Teague receives each month from the State Comptroller?s Office. She was terminated by the EDC?s Board of Directors for non-performance of duties at their November 2012 meeting, to become effective January 1, 2013.

City Administrator Vince DiMaggio said that after Criddle was let go numerous files, bank statements and EDC related information could not be found. Upon looking into the corporation?s finances, DiMaggio said a substantial number of financial improprieties in the books were noticed and at the time the city turned the information over to Freestone County Attorney Chris Martin.

The investigation centers around Criddle and the improprieties which allegedly began very quickly after she was hired and continued until her dismissal.

DiMaggio noted that nobody on the current EDC Board of Directors is under investigation but that former board members could be looked at by the County Attorney?s Office.

At the Teague City Council meeting on December 4th of last year, a request by EDC President Sherrie Noland was approved to have the EDC Board work as a joint venture with the City Administrator, hire a new EDC Executive Director and merge the board together with the city council, making it a seven member board, with four members being members of the pubic and three members coming from the Teague City Council.

Since Criddle's dismissal, a new Executive Director has been hired

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