Finding God In The Darkness

In the light of recent events in my life, I would like to share this devotional thought given by David Roper. It simply lets us know that God is with us even in the dark and hard times of our lives.

The Scripture says in Isaiah 55:6, ?Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near.?

?When our boys were small, we played a game called ?Sardines?. We?d turn out all the lights in our home and I would hide in a closet or some other cramped space. The rest of the family groped about in the darkness to find my hiding place and then hide with me until we were squeezed together like sardines. Hence the name.

Our smallest family member at times became frightened in the dark, so when he came close, I would whisper to him softly, ?Here I am?.

?I found you, Dad!? he would announce as he snuggled against me in the darkness, not realizing that I let myself be ?found?.

Likewise, we have been made to search for God -- to ?grope for Him?, as Paul put it so vividly (Acts 17:27). But here?s the good news: He is not at all hard to find, for ?He is not far from each of us.? He desires to make Himself known. ?There is a property in God of thirst and longing. He hath longing to have us,? wrote Dame Julian of Norwich centuries ago.

Before we come to know Christ, we grope for God in the darkness. But if we search for Him in earnest, He will make Himself known, for He rewards those who diligently seek Him (Heb. 11:6). He will call to us softly, ?Here I Am?. And He awaits our reply, ?I?ve found you!?

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