Lord's Community Storehouse Needs Food

Once again The Lord?s Community Storehouse President, Ross Provost, is asking the community to only donate food to the local food bank. ?When I came to the Storehouse this morning I saw the big pile of dirty pillows and the torn up old couch sitting right in front of the doors,? said Provost. ?When people drop things like this off it costs us approximately $25 to $50 to have it hauled off and that comes out of money that could buy food.? A few years ago Reverend Jeff Powers was president of The Lord?s Storehouse and Mr. Provost was his right hand man. They were licensed to take in clothes and furniture at that time. The problem was that they couldn?t keep up with all the donations and they were taking up the space that could be used to store food. The decision was made to discontinue taking anything except food and to close down the entire operation to get rid of the excess and make a change.

Everyone worked very hard for some time and emptied out the Storehouse. Then the repairs began and there were many. Along with all the structural repairs, new shelving was put up to hold food and other changes were put in place to make it easier to take care of citizens in need.

Now The Lord?s Storehouse takes care of many families each month making sure that no one in our area has to go hungry. They are licensed as a food pantry only. Ross Provost is asking citizens to please not drop off donations of anything except food. Monetary donations are welcomed and can be made by calling Mr. Provost at 254-625-1905.

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