Signs Being Stolen Around County

LOCAL MASONS OF BOGGY LODGE #739 went to Teague Elementary School on Friday, March 8, 2013, to celebrate Public School Month by stressing the importance of reading to the children. The Masons were instrumental in implementing public schools in Texas. Masons participating in Public School Month are (l to r) Marvin Maxon, Jim Jorden, Richard Gillet, and Brian Bowers.

Well folks, it sure has been busy here in Freestone County. We have been having some people stealing a lot of Stop Signs, Street Signs, County Road Signs, etc. They are not only stealing the signs, but are taking the posts or poles as well. Some of these people may think this is a prank, or that they think that these signs are nice home d?cor or wall art, but what they don?t think about is the reality of this crime, especially taking the stop signs. This can cause someone to have an accident or cause a death. Also they might not know what the consequences are. It is a Felony to steal aluminum signs. It also will cause that person(s) to have a criminal record for the rest of their lives.

We are asking the citizens that if you notice your children or young adults have signs in their rooms, garages, barns, or in their vehicles, and they might not know that they have been stolen, or what the consequences are in stealing or possessing these signs. Please return the signs, no questions asked! Also if you or your children have seen these signs on local Facebook, MySpace, or posted on cell phones or have any information to help us in recovering Freestone County property it is appreciated.

This crime is not only affecting our county, but our cities as well. Please Contact Constable Bonner at 903-879-0015, Environmental Crimes Investigator Bill Madding at 903-391-9663, Freestone County Sheriff?s Office at 903-389-3236, or any of our other Law Enforcement agencies in the county.

We are in the process of watching several areas in Freestone County and the thefts of these sings will result in arrests and charges filed to the full extent of the law. We are also asking the citizens of Freestone County that if they see anything, or see suspicious vehicles on our county roads please report the vehicle(s) make, color, license plate number, and any identifying information on the people. Your help will greatly be appreciated in apprehending these criminals. Help us save our County Tax Dollars, It costs the county to replace the signs, posts, not including the man power, labor and time to put the signs back up again.

We have another problem that we have been dealing with lately with feral hog dumping. We have been having some good hog hunts, and getting rid of a lot of menacing feral hogs in our county. What we don?t want to happen are some people after the hunt is over, are dumping the dead hogs out on our county roads or dumping them in the creeks. This could result in hoof and mouth disease and various other diseases, as well as contaminating our ground water. We want hunters to enjoy their hunting, but please dispose of the feral hogs properly.

We appreciate all our citizen phone calls, information, and support.

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