Without Excuses

Have you ever said this? ?I can?t witness for the Lord, I don?t know what to say?? ?I?m too afraid! What if people make fun of me?? ?I don?t want to offend anyone or their religious beliefs.? You know you have, and I?ve got an answer to each one of those excuses. But I?m not going to offer a bunch of ?Lookie here?s?, I simply want to tell you the story of one young man that will put all our excuses to shame and make us realize that we have no excuses. Not even one!?

I read the real life story of this young man in Dr. Charles Stanley?s ?In Touch?magazine, dated for March 2013. His story is in the article entitled, ?Born For A Purpose?. Now, I knew a fella like this young man, when I was growing up. I remember one time at church camp that this guy came to camp driving his own car. ?What?s unusual about that?, you ask? Well, this fella had almost no arms and no legs! His arms were only as long as his elbows and his legs were only as long as his knees. But he had a specially made car that allowed him to drive, and mostly by himself. But the young man I want to tell you about has absolutely no arms and no legs at all, just nubs as far as I can tell! His name is Nick Vujicic, yet God has him going everywhere, to huge crowds and to small ones, telling people about the love of God.?

When he was a little boy, he was OK with not having any arms or legs until the age of ten when he began to think about his future. Comparing himself to other kids, he thought about the limitations that lay ahead and wondered how he could ever have a normal existence with a job, a wife, and kids? If God really loved him, why hadn?t He given him any arms or legs? And he felt that if there was no purpose for him in this life, he was only here to experience rejection and loneliness, maybe he should just end it all before it really came crashing down upon him. And that?s just what he did. He tried drowning himself in his bathroom tub. But you know what? He was born into a Christian family who loved him and supported him unconditionally, and brought him out of that life of despair. He even used to ride a skate board, hanging on by the nubs of his arms, and then ?crashed and burned? at the end of the ride!

Today, this 30-year old Australian evangelist, not only graduated from a university, started his own company, married his wife Kanae, and is soon to become a father to a son, preaches the gospel and shares his message of hope with millions around the world! What do you think about that? This young man, who thought he had no purpose in life, gave his heart to Jesus at the age of 15. After reading the story of the man born blind (John 9:1-38), he came to the same conclusion that Jesus? disciples did. This man wasn?t born blind because of any sins his parents had done, he was born blind ?that the works of God should be made manifest in him.? (John 9:3). When Vic read this story, he thought to himself, ?For the first time I understood why I had been born without any arms or legs. It wasn?t because God didn?t love me or have a plan for me. It wasn?t because He hadn?t healed me. It was so that I could offer a message of hope to people of all nations and of such diverse backgrounds, to show them that God loved them and had a plan for their lives as well.? And it doesn?t matter if he?s before a crowd of thousands or in a classroom of students, the one thing you will notice about him is that he is surrounded by people hugging him with tears in their eyes because they realize that God loves and has a plan for them too, no matter what limitations they may have.?

Now he has a base in Southern California and travels extensively throughout South America, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa, speaking to schools, prisons, slums, government officials, celebrities, and former brothel workers, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to all who will hear. He has spoken to thousands in India, spent some one-on-one time with AIDS orphans, widows, people with disabilities. His DVD?s have been translated and circulated widely, even on the black market, in places where Christians have been persecuted. He?s received generous welcome in Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and communist countries alike, and has been given startling opportunities to share his faith on secular television and on talk shows broadcast to over 40 million homes. He calls his life, ?a ridiculously good life.??

Yet, this young man knows that he can?t do any of this by himself. This is not ?his ministry? that brings tens of thousands to faith in Jesus Christ, but God?s ministry. What he does, he does ?by the grace of God.?

So the next time you have one of your ?pity parties? and say, ?I?ve been going to church all my life, but I still don?t know what God wants me to do,? this young man will look you in the eye and say, ?What are you talking about? Your number one purpose in life is knowing and loving God, and then loving your neighbor as yourself. Jesus says to go and visit those who are sick or in prison, help the poor, the widows, the orphans, and anyone who is in need.? So, do we have an excuse that prevents us from sharing God?s love? No! Not ?nary a one?, as Andy used to say. When you and I step outside of ourselves to reach out with the love of God to those around us, we will be surprised to see what God will do.

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