KDT Construction Has Roots In County

Ken And Tina Sessions...

KDT CONSTRUCTION began 14 years ago in the home of Ken and Tina Sessions. It has grown through honest hard work and insisting on the quality of each job. Experienced employees for KDT are (l to r) Beaury Chase, Thomas Hendrix, Robbie Castlow, Josh Cox, Halario Ruiz, Kyle Sessions, Tina Sessions, and Ken Sessions.

Wouldn?t it be great to be able to hire a business where the owners? families can be traced back to the Freestone County area to the 1800s? With KDT Construction you can do exactly that! Ken and Tina Sessions, owners of KDT Construction, are from a very long line of Freestone County citizens.

Ken Sessions was working for Texas Utilities, in the Teague office, when he learned he was going to be transferred to Katy, Texas. Having lived in Kirvin all of his life and the fact that his family was born there, this wasn?t something he and Tina wanted to do. ?We couldn?t imagine moving away from our families and taking our children away from grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins,? said Tina Sessions. Ken had previous experience in dirt construction and hoped he could start a successful company to keep his family in the Freestone County area. ?We started with one backhoe and our office in the dining room of our house in 1998,? Tina said.

They moved into their present office in 2002 and have ten plus employees to their construction business. KDT has a variety of equipment such as dozers, backhoes, backhoe & dump trucks. KDT can build roads, driveways, house pads, dig ponds, and do dozer and excavation work such as clearing land. They also have dump trucks for hauling sand and gravel and they install septic systems.

Ken Sessions was born in August of 1963, to JR Sessions and Peggy Isaacks Sessions, in Wortham. His father, JR Sessions Jr., was Freestone County Sheriff for 36 years until retiring in 2000. He followed in his father?s footsteps, as JR Sessions Sr. was Freestone County Sheriff for many years as well. Peggy Sessions was also from a pioneering family of this area as her parents, Hammond and Vernena Isaacks were retailers in Kirvin. This family can be traced back to the Freestone County area to the early 1800s.

Ken graduated from Wortham High School in 1981 and later married Christina Chase. Tina Chase Sessions was born in July of 1967, to Beaury Chase Jr. and Sue Bond Hull, in Teague. Her paternal grandfather was Beaury Chase Sr. who worked as a projectionist and managed the Star Theater and later the Lee Theater in Teague. Her paternal grandmother, Estelle Chase worked in the theaters as well selling tickets and helping her husband.

Tina?s mother, Sue Bond Hull also has a very long background in the Freestone County area with her parents, Guy Bond and Dorothy Christian Bond. Tina?s grandfather was a cattle rancher for over 60 years and Freestone County Commissioner for Pct. 2 for six years. He was a member of the Teague Rodeo Association for over 50 years. Tina?s family, on both sides, have been in this area since 1800. Tina graduated from Teague High School in 1985.

Ken and Tina Sessions have three children; Kyle, 26, who works for his dad at KDT Construction and is a valuable asset to KDT Construction, Kenzie, 17, Devin, 16 who both attend Wortham High School and work part time for KDT. This is where the name KDT comes from: Ken, Kyle Kenzie, Devin and Tina.

KDT Construction started with two people, Ken and Tina, and has grown to ten plus valued employees. They are: Ken, Tina, Kyle, Kenzie, Devin, Robbie Castlow Josh Cox, Thomas Hendrix, Dennis McDaniel, Beaury Chase, Charlotte Chase, Melvin Mims and Hilario Ruiz.

Ken Sessions has always cared about helping out in the community. He has been a member of the Kirvin Volunteer Fire Department for 26 years and served as fire chief for 18 of those years. He manages the Kirvin Water Supply; he is a member of the Cotton Gin Masonic Lodge and was the Constable, Pct. 4 for 12 years. Tina is very active with her children?s activities and volunteers with Project Graduation, 4H Shooting Sports and other things in the community. The family are members of Kirvin Methodist Church.

It?s wonderful to live in a place where there are so many families who have roots that go back to the beginning of our area and have weathered the hard times as well as the good times. Ken and Tina Sessions? families are people who have been trusted for many years to have the good of the community at heart and they will carry on this tradition.

If you need quality construction work done please call KDT Construction for a free estimate, in the Tri-County area, at 903-599-2319 (office); (903) 388-5339 (Ken cell); or (903) 390-4850 (Kyle cell).

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