Two For One

So we?re sitting in a booth in the High School Cafeteria for a very worthy cause, a fund raiser for an after-graduation event for our seniors so they won?t have to go off to some wild party and wind up drinking and driving and perhaps losing a precious life. A very worthy cause indeed. As my wife and I are sitting with our daughter and son in law, eating a very delicious steak dinner, I might add, knowing that my son in law has just returned from a special deer hunting trip on a Texas Wild Life Management Ranch, I naturally asked the question, ?How did it go?? Well, sir, his wife chimes in and says, ?He got a two for one.? ?A what,? I asked? ?He shot two deer with one bullet.? I looked over at him and he happens to have this silly grin on his face as he says, ?They were lined up when I took the shot.? ?Aw, come on now! This sounds like a fishing story! What do you mean two deer with one bullet?? And again the by-line, ?They were lined up when I shot?. Now, folks, this has got to be one for the books! No one gets two deer with one shot. I mean, a ?twofer? is something you get at a grocery store, or perhaps even at a hardware store or Bass Shop. I saw on Fox News where the Bass Pro Shop was having a sale and you could get two lures for the price of one, along with some other sale prices, but two deer in one shot? It?s not possible! I mean, have you ever heard of a hunter who shot a deer in the heart and it travels through the torso and comes out, well, and into the heart of another deer? They must have been side by side. This sort of thing never happens! But then he says, with another silly grin, ?I had a witness. There was another guy hunting with me and he witnessed the whole thing.? Well, what can I say? My son in law may pull a joke or two, but he?s not one for stretching the truth, at least not that much. Then he has the audacity to say, ?That?s why I?d rather bow-hunt. It?s more challenging.? Sheeeesh!

Well, believe it or not, and I?ll leave that up to you, our Lord offers a few ?twofers? of His own. He promises in John 10:10 life everlasting and life abundant when He says, ?The thief comes not but to steal and to kill, but I have come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.? He not only promises eternal life with Him in heaven, but life at its very best, life as He created it to be, if we?ll just have faith in Him. We?re also given a ?twofer? by the way we are saved. Paul says in Ephesians 2:8,9, ?For by grace have you been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God.? God?s gift to us is eternal life through His Son Jesus Christ. That precious gift comes to us by grace, something we do not deserve to receive at all, believe me, and by faith. It is ours by the taking, by simply saying, ?Thank you Lord for your gift of Salvation. I receive it into my heart by faith in your promise.? And grace brings yet another ?twofer?. Paul opens many of his letters with, ?Grace to you and peace from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.? Have you ever thought about that? Why not the other way around? Why not ?peace and grace?? Because peace is the result of grace. Grace is what we don?t deserve, but it?s what we get. When grace breaks down the wall of separation, the end result is peace. For example, if you have a disagreement with your spouse, and we know that an ?unhappy momma is an unhappy life?, so we men, in all our gracious humility say, ?I?m sorry dear, I was wrong. Would you forgive me?? If she does, then peace once more rules in the home. Right? So it is that God?s grace through Christ, breaks down the wall of sin, and the end result is peace with God. That?s a ?twofer?worth getting, isn?t it?

So, whether you believe that hunting story or not, the truth is, God?s ?twofors? are true and you and I can receive them by faith. Have you gotten your ?twofer? for today?

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