Park Improvement Plan Moving Forward

HIGHLY ACCLAIMED DALLAS ARTIST ROLANDO DIAZ (left) is pictured with one of his paintings. His artwork, on display at the Meet the Artist Reception held at the Teague Intermediate School, Thursday, February 21st, was beautiful, unique, interesting, touching, and a joy to see. Earlier that day, Mr. Diaz spent time with young artists at the school in hopes to encourage and inspire them to continue with their interest in art. The Trinity Star Arts Council sponsored this event. To learn more about Rolando Diaz visit his website at www.rodiaz.com/portfolio.

Major improvements to the Teague City Park took a step forward at the February 19th Teague City Council meeting as council members agreed to have City Administrator Vince DiMaggio move forward in the development of Phase 1 ?Central Family Area? of the City?s Park Improvement Plan.

DiMaggio will have costs for the improvements in Phase 1 of the project for the council to review at next month?s meeting. Phase 1 included nine improvements as presented at the beginning of the meeting, but council members agreed to seven of the proposed items. Struck from Phase 1 was removal of the city swimming pool and replacement with some type of decorative feature, memorial park or other amenity yet to be determined by the council and building a civic center/youth center funded in part with a $25,000 donation from XTO.

Items approved in Phase 1 include the following:

The ?Central Family Area? will be defined by a pipe rail fence that will run along the entire perimeter of the area,

A six foot wide trail made from decomposed granite bordered by cedar or another suitable wood. Individual exercise stations may be added along the trail route, depending on budgetary constraints.

Five concrete picnic tables with pedestal grills, each covered by an individual canopy.

An expanded playground area, with the swing sets relocated to his area.

Security lighting.

Removal and relocation of the RV electrical stations to the north side of the park.

Relocation of various electrical outlets.

Council members also wanted to include improved lighting at the baseball fields under Phase 1 improvements. DiMaggio reported the park improvements were not budgeted in this year?s budget, but that the improvements could be paid for by last year?s budget surplus of $227,000. Development of the ?Central Family Area? will represent a concerted effort to create a distinct area within the park specifically and permanently dedicated to family oriented activities.

DiMaggio pointed out that by creating the ?Central Family Area? the area would no longer be available for parking during the July 4th Rodeo and smaller rodeos. He added that parking could be accommodated with proper planning and cooperation between the City and Rodeo Association.

In other action taken at the meeting:

Council members accepted the resignation of Place 1 Alderman David Huffman and appointed Garlan Steed as Mayor ProTem. Council members also agreed to leave the vacant council seat on the Teague EDC Board of Directors created by Huffman?s resignation open at this time.

Council members approved a financial audit report for fiscal year 2011-2012 from the accounting firm of Kenneth C. Davis and Company and approved amendments correcting the Teague EDC?s budget for fiscal year 2012-2013.

Council members called the City election to be held jointly with the Teague ISD on May 11th for Council positions 2, 4 and 5.

Council members approved a bid of $15,502 from Bobby Brown for two tract of land owned by the city totaling approximately 5 acres.

Presentation of plaques to Mark Hargis for his service to the City Council and to recently retired Jose Alvarez for 29 years employment to the city were not held due to neither recipient being present at the meeting.

Council members in attendance along with Mayor Earnest G. Pak included Marie Hertenberger, Garlan Steed and Terry Gibson. Absent was Chris Nickleberry.

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