TJH Winds District UIL Championship

STUDENTS AT TEAGUE Junior High School participated in UIL Academic competition at Riesel ISD on January 19, 2013. Following an entire day of competing in several different events, Teague Junior High School was announced as the District 14-AA South Zone Academic Champions. This is the highest level reached in UIL Academic competition by junior high students. UIL Coordinator for TJHS, Nicole Sifford said, “They worked really hard and represented our town very well.”

Teague Jr. High competed in UIL Academic competition on January 19, 2013. It was held at Riesel ISD. After a whole day of competing in several different events, TJH was announced as the District 14-AA South Zone Academic Champions. The individual awards are as follows:

6th grade

Dictionary Skills: Grayson Myers-1st; Brady Welch-2nd; Mallorie Sims-4th; 1st place team

Music Memory: Chandler Rogers-1st; Hailee Cochran-2nd; Dayton Montgomery-3rd; Alex Dawson-4th; Cullen Cook-5th; 1st place team

Mathematics: Dasie Cordova-2nd; Mallorie Sims-5th; 1st place team: Dasie Cordova, Mallorie Sims, Brady Welch

Spelling: Jenny Cotton-1st; Daileigh Abor-2nd; Makenzie Aldrich-5th; 1st place team

Listening: Dasie Cordova-1st; Brady Welch-6th; 2nd place team: Dasie Cordova, Brady Welch, Madison Lane

Maps, Graphs, & Charts: Chloe Crook-1st; Makenzie Aldrich-2nd; Becca Davenport-5th; 1st place team

Oral Reading: Eva Chandler-3rd; Grayson Myers-5th; Keshawn Rice-6th

Calculator: Mychal Shed-2nd; Lizette Aguilera-4th; 1st place team: Mychal Shed, Lizette Aguilera, Chloe Crook

Social Studies: EJ Salazar-2nd; Mychal Shed-3rd; Zack Satterwhite-4th; 1st place team

Number Sense: Dasie Cordova-2nd; 2nd place team: Dasie Cordova, Juan Robles, Derrick McDaniel

Art Smart: Marissa Villa-1st; Jacqueline Velasquez-2nd

Ready Writing: Eva Chandler-1st; Mackenzie Aldrich-2nd; Grayson Myers-4th

7th grade

Ready Writing: Lane Morgan-2nd; Ashlyn Hayworth-6th

Art Smart: Abril Arrezola-1st; Sarai Diaz-2nd

Spelling: Ben Whitaker-1st; Marcus Williams-3rd; 1st place team: Ben Whitaker, Marcus Williams, Brianna Lair

Dictionary Skills: Madison Steen-1st; Whitnee Stroade-6th; Abril Arrezola-6th; 1st place team

Number Sense: Brooke Beasley-1st; Katelin Bodine-2nd; Madison Steen-4th; 1st place team

Mathematics: Constence Bottoms-1st; Marcus Williams-3rd; Team: Constence Bottoms, Abraham Zamora, Marcus Williams

Modern Oratory: Erica Walker-1st; Madison Steen-2nd; Westin Hankins-4th

Listening: Ben Whitaker-1st; Westin Hankins-6th; 1st place team: Ben Whitaker, Westin Hankins, Katelin Bodine

Science: Abraham Zamora-1st; Ashlyn Hayworth-4th; 1st place team: Abraham Zamora, Ashlyn Hayworth, CJ Benjamin

Calculator: Constence Bottoms-4th; Ashlyn Hayworth-5th; Whitnee Stroade-6th; 2nd place team

Oral Reading: Chloe Sifford-1st; Erica Walker-4th; Ashlyn Hayworth-5th

Impromptu Speaking: Kayla Kimball-3rd; Abril Arrezola-4th; Kaitlin Villa-6th

Maps, Graphs, & Charts: Erica Walker-1st; Constence Bottoms-6th

8th grade

Ready Writing: Tionna McClendon-2nd; Whitney Wills-4th

Editorial Writing: Hayden Roberts-6th

Art Smart: Jaime Davila-1st; Tionna McClendon-2nd;Monica Guerrero-3rd; Anayeli Diaz-4th; 1st place team

Dictionary Skills: Ashley Coleman-1st; Kinsey Persons-3rd; 2nd place team: Ashley Coleman, Kinsey Persons, Makenzie Awalt

Number Sense: Cooper Jones-3rd; David Mejorado-6th; 2nd place team: Cooper Jones, David Mejorado, Brandon Persons

Mathematics: Ayline Arrezola-2nd; Jaime Davila-4th; 2nd place team: Ayline Arrezola, Jaime Davila, Ashley Coleman

Listening: Cameron Graham-2nd; Kelzi Baggs-4th; Jacob Smith-5th; 1st place team

Science: Norma Snelding-5th; 3rd place team: Norma Snelding, Chris Hernandez, Hayden Roberts

Calculator: Ayline Arrezola-2nd; Carson Black-3rd; 3rd place team

Social Studies: Hayden Roberts-5th; Jacob Gomez-6th; 3rd place team: Hayden Roberts, Jacob Gomez, Josh Folsom

Modern Oratory: Noah Handsome-1st; Ashley Coleman-3rd; Carson Black-5th

Impromptu Speaking: Colton Gore-2nd; Hayden Roberts-3rd; Ashley Coleman-4th

Oral Reading: Ally Skinner-1st; Kallie Brown-2nd; Ashley Tinsley-5th

Maps, Graphs, & Charts: Norma Snelding- 1st; Cooper Jones-5th; Justin Neal-6th; 1st place team

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