Two Sources Of Power

Every once in a while, I run across stories that are worth being told again and again. Here are two of them that I want to pass on to you. One comes from a devotional book by Judy McWhorter, ?Devotions for Dog Lovers?. It seems that a family had an American Eskimo Dog named Tasha. She was snow white and very beautiful. One day, however, Tasha was out playing by the family pool and she fell in and couldn?t get out. No one in the family was out by the pool in order to rescue her, so she cried and clawed, but couldn?t get anyone?s attention to come and rescue her. Sensing a fellow creature?s peril, one by one the dogs in the neighborhood joined in the distress call. It was not until all the dogs made such an alarming clamor that the family realized that something was wrong and pulled Tasha to safety.

Then Mrs. McWhorter came to this conclusion. There is power in consensus and agreement. Whether it?s neighborhood dogs all together sounding an alarm, a political rally endorsing a candidate, or Christian believers joined together in prayer, there is power in unity. Jesus knew the power of prayer and wanted us to know the power of praying in one accord. He promised us that if only two or three were in agreement on anything, they should pray to God, and it would be done. (Matthew 18:18-20).

Another story concerns the power of the Word of God. It seems that a man was sitting on a dock by a river boat where dock workers were carrying heavy crates onboard the river boat. As he sat there, his feet dangled near one of those heavy crates. Two officers on the boat noticed that particular crate and asked the man what was in it? ?Dynamite!? said the man. The officers jumped with surprise. Then one of them gingerly seized the crate on one side and the other did so on the other. Very carefully they carried it on board, set it down and then just as carefully, opened it. There inside was not a load of dynamite, but a load of Bibles! One of the officers asked the man, ?Well, where is the dynamite?? The man answered, ?The Bible says the Word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword.? Do you think that man was right? ?Dynamite?, is the exact Greek word that the sacred writer used for the word, ?powerful?. The Bible is the very dynamite of God to blow Satan and his temptations out of the water. So when you find yourself up against spiritual forces that seem bigger than you are, or are about to take you under, then take the Word of God, God?s dynamite, and apply it with prayer along side a trusted friend, and watch and see how quickly the Devil and his forces will leave you! Prayer and the Word of God will become your source of rescue. Are you availing yourself to these two power sources of God?

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