Candidates Sought For Local Elections

City Council And School Board Positions To Be Filled

Citizens wishing to seek election to local school boards and city councils in the upcoming May 11th general election can now do so as election packs are available at the respective city hall and school administrative offices.

Three positions are up to be filled on the Teague City Council. These places are currently held by Marie Hertenburger, Place 3; Chris Nickleberry, Place 4; and Terry Gibson, Place 5. Packets are available at Teague City Hall, 105 South Fourth Avenue.

Positions up to be filled on the Teague Independent School District Board of Trustees are currently held by Brian Bowers, Place 2; and Jeff Gonzales, Place 4. Packets are available at Teague ISD Administration building, 420 N. Tenth Avenue.

In Fairfield, City Council positions to be filled are currently held by Linda York Fryer, Donna Tyus, and Kenneth Hughes, place 3, 4 and 5, respectively. Fairfield City Hall is located at 222 South Mount Street.

Fairfield ISD will fill three at-large positions currently held by LaCharles Bass, Tracie Ezell, and Teresa Vandiver. The Fairfield ISD Administration building is located at 615 Post Oak Road.

Wortham voters will fill three positions including the Mayor?s seat held by Kelly Craig, and two council seats held by Deborah Evans and Cliff Nesmith. Wortham City Hall is located at 108 Main Street.

Places 3 and 4 in the Wortham ISD, held by Brent Jones and Scott Spencer, respectively, are to be filled by voters this May. The Wortham ISD Administration building is located at 200 S. Fifth Street.

The Dew ISD holds their school board election in November of each year.

City Council members are elected to two-year terms and school board members are elected to three-year terms.

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