Restoration, Revolution, or Restitution?

I was watching Perry Stone Ministries Saturday night, and he shared with us a vision that the Lord gave him on the night of the 2012 election. He said the Lord told them that there was only one of three ways that America could go if it was to be a great nation again. The first was Restoration. This would be the task of trying to restore America to the great stature it had once before. But restoration is like trying to restore your house, fixing all the cracks in the walls, and putting on a new coat of paint. However, if the foundation of your home is cracked, no amount of filling in or amount of paint can ever fix those cracks. As long as the foundation is cracked, your walls will always be cracked. America can never be restored to the place it once had in the world because America?s foundation is cracked. When I was growing up, and I?m in my sixties, and certainly in my parent?s days, who would have ever thought that marijuana would be a legal drug, or that the definition of marriage would be not just a man and a woman, but a man with a man or a woman with a woman? Our beloved country has drifted so far to the left that restoration will never happen unless some major changes in thought and pattern have taken place. And with the country thinking like it does, that will never happen.

The second way for America to be great is the way of Revolution. We did that back in the days of the civil war. Revolution only divides, it doesn?t cause unity. And right now we are divided enough as it is. I remember that only a few years back, a certain Politian said that there were two Americas. You know what? He was right. The ideology of the left has so split us that Texas and a host of other southern states have been seriously considering seceding from the Union and becoming a nation of its own. Did you know that if Texas pulled away, it could control most, if not all, of the oil coming into this country and most of the food supply? If Texas and the other southern states took care only of themselves or charged super high prices to the northern states, don?t you know that we would soon be embroiled in another civil war? So, Revolution is not the answer.

But there is one answer that will cure this nation and any nation at that, and that is Restitution, Spiritual Restitution. In the fifteen hundreds, a priest by the name of Martin Luther nailed what he called Ninety-five Thesis on the door of the Catholic Church that stated ?the just shall live by faith.? This was taken straight out of the Bible, Romans 1:16, 17. With this one statement alone, The Reformation was born. Then in the seventeen hundreds two more spiritual reformations took place, one began in Europe and the other began in America. It was called The Great Awakening. Because of the two countries and the two times in which they occurred, it was called the First and Second Great Awakening. America is in need of a third Great Awakening! We will never reform because we are so far apart, and we don?t need a civil war that will certainly led to bloodshed. We are weak enough as it is. But we do need and must have a Spiritual Restitution, a restoring of our nation back to the hands of God, and that will only come by a return to sound Biblical doctrinal teaching and prayer. 2 Chronicles 7:14 says, ?If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their evil ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.? Don?t you think this land is in need of a healing? Don?t you think that this great land that we call America is in need of great spiritual restitution? Then this verse ought to be the verse of our hearts and the prayer of our lips as we bow on bended knees before the Lord. We not only need to make this verse a part of our daily prayers, but we need to hide and heed the final words of David as he lie upon his bed. They are found in 1 Chronicles 29:10-20 and say in essence, ?Everything in heaven and on earth belong to You, O Lord. In Your hand are power and might, and it is in Your hand to make great and to give strength to all. Now therefore, our God, we give You thanks and praise Your glorious name.?

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