TJHS Boys B Team Took Loss Against Buffalo, 8-11

The Teague Junior High Boys B team took their first loss of the season against Buffalo on January 10th at Buffalo. The young Lions fought hard but couldn?t get the few points necessary to take the win. They lost the game 8-11.

?We just could not get the offense going. The kids played hard the entire game. This was disappointing as it was their 1st loss,? said Coach Derek Tyler.

In the first quarter the Lion team couldn?t get a point in but they did hold the Bisons to only 4 points. Teague played better in the second quarter ending with 5 points but the Buffalo boys went ahead with 8 points.

Coming out of halftime Teague was able to hold the Bisons at 8 points through the third quarter but were only able to gain one point and ended the quarter at 6-8. The Lions tried hard in the final quarter but ended the game with a score of 8-11.

The Lion B Team has done very well so far this season holding a record of 6-1 and a District Record of 5-1.

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