Sheriff's Report #2

Lots of rain over the last week, very welcome, can use all we got and more.

TPD to jail with subject, multiple Teague warrants. Deputies Elom and Brewer out to the Big Road, report of man walking the white line with no shoes on.

Teague EMS out to residence, report of gentleman passed out, coming around now, needs to get checked out.

FPD gets call of 18 wheeler off the road at Love?s exit, clogging up the works for sure.

Two Officers from TPD chasing a white cow on Hwy 179 inside the Teague City Limits.

Wortham PD gets call of someone burning a ?pool? in the back yard.

Limestone County advises following reported stolen vehicle with help of on board GPS. Sgt. Shaw locates vehicle in Freestone County. Juvenile out joy riding without authorization. Turned over to Juvenile Probation for further action.

Captain Mathis gets report from concerned citizen of large underage gathering in Kirvin area. Reported to be lots of alcohol arriving as well. Party just getting starting so only a few had any alcohol in em. Everyone tested and those not drinking sent home, those that had had to find a ride with a sober driver. Good cooperation and no trouble. ALL alcohol confiscated and turned over to TABC. Many Thanks to DPS Troopers, Teague PD and Wortham PD Officers who assisted.

Fairfield EMS to Sam?s restaurant, man unconscious but breathing.

Trooper Purnell to one vehicle rollover on FM 27, driver has cut on head and trying to leave the scene. Deputies assist till all is sorted out.

Teague PD on civil disturbance call. Satellite man there to remove dish, one party refusing, other (who claims to be paying bill and had service cut off) is all for removal. Poor workman caught in the middle.

Wortham PD strikes cow with Police Unit, Trooper Purnell over to investigate.

Juvenile calls complains mother is starving him, won?t let him eat supper. Admits that mother did let him eat lunch. Transferred call to TPD for follow up.

Dew, Fairfield and Teague Fire Departments respond to report of kitchen fire in residence, possibly the water heater. Red Cross contacted to provide help to resident.

TPD alerted, man calls dispatch and reports father in law called him and said ?He would get a gun and come shoot him? or? If he had a gun he would come shoot him? either way caller concerned he just might!

Deputy Brewer takes call of man lying under the bridge at the 206 mile marker. Traveler traveling, stopped to take a rest.

Caller reports Carbon Monoxide alarm is going off and it says ?Get Out?. Dispatcher advises follow its directions, Fairfield Fire Department is in route.

Investigator Aldrich gets report that man has items in his house court has ordered him not to have. Judge issues order, best advice is to follow it.

Fairfield High School calls, one brother reports other brother stabbed him in the ?rear?. Sgt. Aldrich investigating.

Caller reports city workers letting water out all over road, now a car is in a hole as a result. Transferred to FPD.

Troopers Jones and Conner working wreck on Big Road, car on fire, everyone made it out with minor burns, Dew Fire responding as well.

TPD, Deputy Jones respond to possible burglary.

Sgt. Harrison and Sgt. House to Jail with man on outstanding warrants.

Tree down on County Road 481, Commissioner Emmons notified; chainsaw crew on the way.

Captain Robertson takes office call of man wanting to report road rage incident. Report taken; Sgt Aultman investigating.

Sgt. Harrison conducts thorough investigation into report of possible kidnapping. Reporting party informed SO of receiving text messages from young unknown female claiming to have been kidnapped, managed to get away, and now being chased. Phone numbers traced and agencies in California and Washington State contacted no reports of kidnapping or missing persons from their locales, no information on name given to them.

Chief Deputy McGowan responds to report of subjects fighting at well location. Investigation revels one drunk, the other trying to hide drugs and paraphernalia related to same. Deputy Howerton transports both to FCSO Jail on charges.

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