A Child-Like Faith

I have a question for you. Why do we "adults" have to go and gum-up the simplicity of God's Word? What is it about the promises of God that we have to go and add all kinds of "if's", "and's", or "but's" to them? What's wrong with having a child-like faith?

Our little granddaughter is about to have a medical procedure done upon her sinuses and adenoids. This little girl was one sick baby during the Christmas season. In fact, she slept most of her holiday time away, and that's not normal for a nine year old, but she was so sick that she was finally put into the hospital for an extreme sinus infection. One of the poor little dear's eyes was even swollen shut! After some treatment, her doctor finally figured that she needed to have her sinuses cleaned out and her adenoids removed. Well, this was kind of scary for any child to hear. I even know of adults who would be frightened about this kind of procedure, your's truly included! When the nurse came into her room, she asked, "How many of these operations have you done before?" She replied, "About two hundred." Well, that made her feel a little better about the procedure. Then she asked, "When did you do the last one?" The nurse replied, "Last week, on a little two year old boy." Upon hearing that, a lot of fear and tension was eased.

So, she has in her hospital room a dry eraser board where she can write down questions she wants to ask the doctor and here's what she wrote down: "Tomorrow I get my ASTEROIDS taken out!" Well, honey, if I had an asteroid up my nose, I'd want it taken out as well!

But folks, that's the "child-like" faith that I'm talking about. She may have not known what to call it, but she got her point across and the doctor and everyone else knew what she meant. Now why can't we be that simple when it comes to our faith in the promises of God's Word? Why do we have to add a whole bunch of mess that just complicates what God really means and miss out on the real blessings of His Word? What is it about us adults that makes us so "sophisticated" that we have to add conditions and circumstances to the truth of God's word that, in reality, only creates doubt in what He says? Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 1:20 that "the promises of God are 'yes and amen' to the glory of God." Now why can't we believe that? Why can't we simply take the attitude and faith of a child and say, "I believe that God can do what He says He can do?" It's like one preacher said, "God said it! That settles it! And I believe it!" I guarantee that if you will adopt this kind of child-like attitude in your faith in God that you will see more miracles and more answers to prayers than you've ever seen before. How about it? Think you can do it?

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