That's Not My Job

Dear Editor,

I have been exposed the last few days and weeks to the phrase "That's not my job!" We as citizens and people of the community, state, etc. complain all the time of the lack of respect, customer service, lack of volunteers, lack of a multitude of things. Did we ever stop and think that the reason for these problems might be our own attitudes. How often do we see something that might take 5 minutes of our precious time to correct but think or say "That's not my job!" It is amazing to me that people react and so much news is made of the people that don't do their jobs---they go above and beyond. Would this world not be much better off if we all began to not do just our jobs but looked for opportunties to do more?

Couch this thought in any manner you wish be it religious, political, social, etc. but I thank God for the people that I know that do not just their jobs but the other little things that they think no one else sees.

Is volunteerism dead among our youth? Maybe due to the perception that "That's not my job!"

Thanks to all of you who make the lives of our citizens better because of your attitudes and thank you editor for the time and space in your paper to publish this view.


Suzanne Taylor

Fairfield, Tx.

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