Flag donated to B-RI Railroad Museum

Was draper over casket of WWII Marine Hollis, Jernigan in 1945

This flag was draped over the casket of Hollis Jernigan when his body was shipped home from Okinawa, Japan where he was killed in 1945 during World War II. Hollis was in the United States Marine Corp.

He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Jernigan and the flag was given to them after it was folded. They gave it to their grandson, Bill Tinnin, the son of Billie Marie Jernigan Tinnin. It has been preserved all of these years and has 48 stars on it. The family wanted it to be kept in a safe place and decided the Teague B-RI Railroad and Historical Museum was the safest place for it.

Hollis grew up in Teague and attended Teague schools. Mrs. Jernigan made wonderful hot tamales and Hollis sold them all around Teague in a horse drawn cart during his school years. The tamales sold for 10 cents a dozen.

Betty French, Hollis?s sister, asked Bennie Walker if it would be put with his pictures that are in the Museum.

Hollis was only 20 years old when he paid the ultimate sacrifice, giving his life for this great country.

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