Sheriff's Report #1

Happy Belated New Year! Busy time around the sheriff?s office this past week, New Year, new assignments for some folks, a few office changes, and oh by the way, a new Sheriff..!

FPD and Deputies to Fairfield ER, patient irate and yelling at hospital staff, asked to leave. Fairfield PD to minor vehicle mishap at local gas station.

Call from Teague, sewer backing up, caller realizes it?s a holiday, but really, really needs help on this one. City worker in route.

Deputy Elom, Game Warden Hernandez, Butler Fire Department out on search and rescue mission in Keechi Creek bottom. Caller and girlfriend lost in the woods, can?t find way back to the truck. Hansel and Gretel located, back home safe now.

911 call from the Big Road, vehicle flipped several times and now passengers are toting 12packs of beer into the woods. Off duty Houston Police Officer out with ?em now. Trooper Conner gives driver free ride to Freestone County Jail.

Investigator Shipley to report of assault with BB gun. Son shot by step sibling; glad it was only a pellet gun.

Teague PD and Deputy Jones to domestic trouble at convenience store. Boyfriend hit girlfriend and left in car with all her belongings.

Numerous calls on New Year?s Eve of loud music. Maybe they should schedule New Years earlier in the night when folks aren?t trying to sleep.

EMS to N. Hwy 75, wife has fallen and can?t get up, now has a big knot on her head.

Trooper Sullivan to car through fence in Donie area, driver left scene. Contact made with drivers mother, mother and daughter now back in route to scene to mend fences?so to speak.

Caller reports pole on fire and lights flashing in residence on FM 2570. Turns out to be a well flare and compressor station indicator lights?all working normally thank goodness.

Investigator Aultman takes report on diesel fuel stolen from oilfield location. At the price charging these days should all be under constant lock and key.

Full house at Fairfield ER seeking help with mental health issues. Some in voluntarily, others we had to go and get by judges order. Recent tragedies in Connecticut and Colorado have pushed the mental health issue to the front burner across the nation. I won?t claim in this column to have the answer, but the knee jerk solutions advocated by some won?t solve the problem either. A much wiser man once told me that a firearm is morally neutral, and I believe that. In the wrong hands any gun can be an instrument of evil, but it has to be in a person?s hands first. A recent FBI report states that more folks are killed each year with hammers than firearms. As a society we should do all we can to keep those dealing with problems from having access to any weapons, and as a society we must do a better job of helping those with mental problems get the help they need. We in law enforcement spend many hours locating and transporting people to various facilities all across the state. For Freestone County the primary facility is the Austin State Hospital, which is a 6 hour round trip on a good day. I myself have made this trip, sometimes with the same patient, on more than one occasion. We as a society must demand a better solution. True long term help must be available to those who need it. At least that?s a start.

Investigator Aultman out to report of large fire in back yard behind house, upon arrival fire out and nobody home.

TPD gets report of a man dressed in dark clothes running down the street with a flashlight, unable to locate. Wortham PD gets a call man standing in road near the cemetery wearing a hockey mask. Folks it?s been cold, but not enough to freeze the stock tanks, pretty sure he wasn?t returning from a pick up hockey game.

Fairfield PD back to ER with report of patient assaulting hospital staff, not a good way to treat those trying to help you out.

Deputy House to Limestone County Juvenile Detention with frequent flyer. Deputy Brewer on call of repo man working the Kirven area, in this economy, may be the only steady job out there.

Deputy Brewer gets call from lady concerned about possible internet scam.

Wal-Mart truck on fire I-45 near Streetman. Brakes are smoking, not enough foam in the extinguisher. Streetman Fire on the way.

Leon County SO calls, advises be on lookout for SUV with Oklahoma plates, possible child abduction with mother assaulted. Chief Deputy McGowan, Captains Mathis and Robertson locate vehicle travelling northbound on I-45. Stopped and detained for Leon County. Appears to be mother/father dispute over child welfare. Leon County Deputy escorts all parties back to Buffalo to sort it out.

Major wreck on Hwy 179 at FM 553. 18 wheeler and pickup truck. Teague Fire reports major head injury sustained by driver, taken to Waco by Air Evac.

Black cow out again on Hwy 179, owner notified, owner advised dispatcher now time for trip to packing house for this one. Won?t stay home, gotta go!

Fairfield Fire Department to house fire on county road 231. Everyone safe but house and all possessions lost. Red Cross contacted and in route to provide a helping hand. Good people at the Red Cross, have had to call them too many times for situations just like this, very worthwhile organization to donate to if you feel so inclined.

Known troublemaker prowling the Wildwood area. Deputies out to try and hunt him down, no stranger to the jail this one and just cannot seem to get straight.

Miners at TXU apprehend two stealing copper. Felony offense now days, in addition, not a good idea to steal from a bunch of miners, all that digging makes for a tough son of a gun who can surely hold his own.

Special thanks this week to the trustee crew at the jail. Lots of moving, dusting, sweeping and painting going on. We carefully select these men, and occasionally women, to do the grunt work around here. No violent or addictive types make the cut. Put in long hours sometimes for a few minor privileges, but hardly ever a complaint. Good people paying their debt in a productive way that benefits the citizens.

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