Marc Raymond Towing has come a long way

SHELLEY AND MARC RAYMOND stand in front of a very modern Marc’s Wrecker Service truck. It’s hard to believe that 23 years ago Marc Raymond started his business with a Dodge Cummings Diesel that he built into his first wrecker. In any situation where a tow or wrecker truck is needed, call Marc at 254-739-3617. He will do the job right!

?By Mimi Brown?

In 1989 Marc Raymond bought a Dodge Cummings diesel and built it into his first wrecker. ?Everyone told me I was crazy but I drove that wrecker for four years,? said Mr. Raymond.

He worked for Leon?s Garage from 1979 to 1989 doing mechanics, State Vehicle Inspections, wrecker calls and whatever else was needed. ?I decided that I wanted to get into the business myself and I had lots of ideas how I wanted to run a wrecker service,? said Raymond. He wanted to have a very clean wrecker so when people had to ride with him they could be comfortable and a nice inner office for people to come, when they had lost loved ones in vehicle accidents, to pick up personal items from the car and handle the inevitable business that comes with accidents.

Marc Raymond Towing has come far since then. In 2004 he was awarded the American Towman ACE Award for achievement in service performance. This prestigious award is only given to wrecker services who meet strict guidelines including: the highest percentage of calls when the estimated time of arrival is achieved, consistency in response time, written appreciation from customers and percentage of calls serviced reflecting reliability and overall professionalism. Marc Raymond is a professional locksmith for commercial and residential and opens and replaces locks. He does specialty hauls for anyone who needs heavy hauling. At Marc Raymond Towing you can get state inspections for vehicles and motorcycles.

Marc Raymond was born in 1961 in Ontario, California but moved to Teague, with his parents, M.J. and Sue Raymond, in 1968. His grandparents, J.J. and Rose Gabor, lived in Teague and owned and operated the Teague Hotel next to the train depot. He attended the new Teague High School the first year it was open and was in it?s first graduating class in 1979. ?The first year I attended the new high school there was still a dirt road leading up to the school,? commented Marc. He attended Navarro College and is a Level III Wreck Master. In the world of wrecker companies that is very good.

Marc is married to his longtime love, Shelley Chambers Raymond. He has two children. Lyndsey Mae, 29, lives in Georgia. She works for the famous Augusta Country Club and married Brian Pineiro on Cinco de Mayo, 2012. His son, Marcus Raymond, 27, works for Zephyr Gas in the Louisiana area as a Field Manager. Marc is stepfather to Shelley?s 12-year-old son Warren Turner. Shelley is studying Cosmetology at Navarro College. Marc has a sister, Cyndee Waller, who has two children and his brother, Kirk Raymond, has three children.

?I go on all the wrecker calls myself. When a family has had an accident or is stuck on the side of the road somewhere I don?t want to be worried if a person I?ve hired to drive my truck will be responsible. I?d rather do it myself then I know it will be handled right,? said Marc. Marc Raymond Towing is under contract with insurance companies and all the major motor clubs for towing and brings many vehicles in from out of town to be repaired in Teague. He must do a great job as he has hundreds of thank you notes from satisfied customers.

A few years ago Mr. Raymond realized that one of the first things people coming into Teague saw was Marc Raymond Towing and a lot of wrecked vehicles. He decided to build some metal buildings to store the wrecks and clean up the area. He also built some other storage units at the same time for rental. He now has 30 well-built, insulated and guttered storage units to rent and plans to build more. Some of the units are commercial and have eight-foot doors (a height that is above standard) for larger storage such as heavy equipment. The grounds are completely fenced and secure.

Marc Raymond has been involved in the community as well. He is a 32nd Degree Mason with Boggy Lodge #739 and Cotton Gin Lodge #154. He also belongs to the Karem Shrine Temple in Waco where he acts as a Harley Motor Escort. In the past he worked as a reserve police officer in Teague for five years and spent two years of reserve service for Freestone County.

If you need a safe, secure, clean place to store your valuable items or if, unfortunately, you are ever involved in an accident or have a vehicle break down, ask for Marc Raymond Towing and get the job done right.

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