Devotional: A New Year, A New Dependence

I have a silly dog. By that I mean she grins a lot. When she sees me coming home, her tail goes to wagging, her lips go to curling, and she shows me those pearly whites like a child finding a long lost toy. I don?t know where she learned to do that. She came up to us grinning the first time we saw her. Maybe it had something to do with the three or four hot dogs I gave her. I don?t know. She was mighty skinny at the time. Now she smiles all the time. It might look like there?s a growl coming, but there?s not. She?s just happy to see me.

She also likes to sleep under covers on these cold winter nights. She claimed our back porch swing long ago as her ?bed? and to keep her feet from falling through the slats, I?ve put some old rugs down to make it a bit more comfortable. Now I don?t know who?s sillier, her or me. But that?s where she sleeps. And on these wintry nights, I put down another layer of bedding for her to sleep on so she can keep that underbelly warm. It?s an old quilt that she?s torn up, but it?s her bed. To keep the stuffings from being scattered everywhere, I?ve encased it in an old sheet so it can still be ?fluffed up? for her comfort. Then on top of that I cover her with two small blankets that I bought from the dollar store and on top of that are two old towels, one of which used to be a great bath robe. So you tell me who?s the silliest! I know you?ll side with me and say it?s my dog, right?

But the thing is, she depends upon me to keep her warm on the cold nights. Once I ?put-her-down?, she pretty well hibernates until she takes a break, somewhere between one and two in the morning. About that time I also take an ?early morning break?. Can I get a witness here? Yes, I see that hand. Some of you know what I mean. But before returning to my comfort, as snug as a bug in a rug, I check on my pooch-dog to see if she has come up for air. And sure enough, she has. So, I put on my robe and go outside and make sure the covers are pulled back up. (Come on, now, some of you are just as, er, fussy, when it comes to the comfort of your pets.) But here?s the thing. She expects me to get up and make tyou enter into the new year? I have a feeling we?re going to need His Divine Guidance and covering.

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