Best Decorated Business, Home Contest

Teague Library receives First for best inside decorations

Winners in the Teague Chamber of Commerce?s Best Decorated Business Contest and Best Decorated Home Contests have been released.

The winners in the Best Decorated Business Contest are the Teague Public Library, first place; Virginia Hospice, second place; and Stephanie Burns Insurance, third place. Photos of the three winners can be found inside this issue.

Six first place winners were named in the Chamber?s Best Decorated Home Contest in categories including Most Beautiful, Most Original, Most Blow-Ups, Most Religious, Most Lights, and Simplicity.

Virginia Hospice receives Second with the best outside decorations for Teague Businesses.

The home of Jon Allen, 101 Juliet, took first place in the Most Beautiful Category. Second Place went to the Gregory?s, 101 Wildflower.

The home of Sean Sifford, 220 S. Ninth Avenue, took first place in the Most Original Category, Second place went to John D. Teer, Hwy. 179 and Juliet.

Stephanie Burns Insurance receives Third for the best window dressing.

Greg Johnson at 421 Crestview took first place in the Most Blow-up Category and was followed by Wesley Stanford 222 South Sixth in second place took second place.

Mary Cobbs, 706 South tenth, was the winner of the Most Religious Category; Charles Day, 219 Northline road, was the winner of the Most Lights Category and Beth Cooper, 410 Donie Road, was the winner of the Most Simplistic Category.

Photos of the winning Decorated Homes will be published in next week?s issue of The Chronicle

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