Lions win one. lose four in Jerrell Tournament

The T.H.S. Varsity boy?s basketball team won one game and lost four in the Jarrell Tournament held this past weekend.

The Lions lost to host Jarrell, split a pair of games against Troy, and narrowly lost two games to Thrall, one by a single point and one by a basket in overtime.

Results for the games have been submitted as follows:

Jarrell 58 Teague 43

Teague was led in scoring by Lane Scruggs, who went out with an ankle injury in the third quarter, he had 16 pts.

?He was followed by Jordan Maggard with 13 pts, Evan Goodwin chipped in 4pts, while Daryl Brooks, Roper Hunt, and Trae Bell each contributed 3 pts. Dustin West had 2 pts.

Jordan Maggard led the Lions in rebounding with 7 rebounds, followed by Daryl Brooks with 6 rebounds. Lane Scruggs had 4 rebounds and Dustin West finished with 3 boards.

Daryly Brooks lead the Lions in assists with 3, Jordan Maggard had 2, John Love, Lane Scruggs, and Dustin West each had 1 assist.


Troy 40 Teague 43

Without injured starting point guard,?Lane Scruggs,?Teague got its first win of the season against Troy behind two clutch free-throws from Thomas Hamilton.

Teague was led by Daryl Brooks 13pts, and Evan Goodwin 9pts.? Jordan Maggard had 6 pts, Dustin West, Thomas Hamilton each had 4 pts. Rounding out the scoring was Damian Jones with 3 pts and John Love and Trae Bell with 2 pts.

Daryl Brooks also led the Lions in rebounding with 9, Trae Bell had 6, and Jordan Maggard finished with 5 rebounds. Dustin West and Daryl Brooks both had 3 assists to led the team, followed by Roper Hunt with 2 assist and John Love with 1.


Thrall 33 Teague 32

Teague was led in scoring by Daryl Brooks with 10 pts, Jordan Maggard had 8 pts, Trae Bell and Evan Goodwin each had 7 pts.

Trae Bell led the Lions with 11 rebounds, 6 being offensive rebounds.? Daryl Brooks & Jordan Maggard each had 8 boards,?Damian Jones, Evan Goodwin, John Love, & Roper Hunt each had 1 rebound.

Dustin West had 5 assists to the lead the Lions. Roper Hunt had 2, followed by Evan Goodwin and Daryl Brooks each with 1 assist.


Troy 53? Teague 25

In a game which baskets wouldn?t fall for the Lions they were led by Evan Goodwin with 7 pts, Daryl Brooks 4 pts, Dustin West and Roper Hunt with 3 pts each, Seth Strader, Jordan Maggard, John Love, Thomas Hamilton all contributed with 2pts.

Trae Bell led the team with 7 rebounds, followed by Daryl Brooks with 5, Jordan Maggard had 4, and Dustin West with 2 rebounds


Thrall 39 Teague 37 (OT)

We were edged out in overtime by Thrall.

Jordan Maggard led the Lions with 12 pts, followed by Daryl Brooks and Trae Bell with 8 pts.? Dustin West and John Love each contributed with 4 pts.

Jordan Maggard also led the Lions in rebounds with 7, followed by Daryl Brooks?and Trae Bell with 6 rebounds each.? Dustin West, John Love, Roper Hunt, Clayton Davis each had 1 rebound.

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