Sheriff's Report #621

Sheriff?s Report Number 621- Report from China Street says at least three females in front yard fighting, TPD Reed to same. Southern Oaks VFD to September Sound, Lady has fallen, needs assistance to get up. THDEMS to Adams Street, man vomiting, bad leg cramps. Man reported pickup just rammed him on Interstate, exited at Dew, DPS Purnell and Sullivan to same, Deputies assisting. Loose bulls, FCR-790. Deputy Harrison to report of shots fired, Hwy. 179.

Southern Oaks VFD to vehicle/tree accident, FM-416, Navarro sending DPS as their side of the line. Teague VFD to spilled gasoline at Dap?s. Deputy Harrison to Civil Standby on FCR-1070. FPD to Anderson Ln., Lady has fallen. Teague VFD to grassfire on US-84 by Freestone Trailer Park. Car reported stolen on FCR-661, last seen traveling toward Teague on Hwy. 179, TPD Cox, Deputies Brewer and Robertson?..Oh, never mind?..They called back, wasn?t stolen after all, the girlfriend got it. THDEMS to N. 4th, chest pains, hurting on left side.

Caller reports shots fired on N. 2nd, then lots of people heard running, TPD Cox to same. Loose cow, FCR-502, possible owner contacted, he will check as says has one missing. Limestone County Constable Buddy Stewart has passed away after a long bout with cancer. Buddy always very active in his County, also served as Fire Chief in the Lake Mexia area.

Multiple calls complaining of loud booming noise, FCR-1044, Deputy unable to locate upon arrival in area. FEMS to Anderson Lane, Lady feeling ill, convulsions. Deputies enroute to folks arguing over a child swap deal. Man calls, another just pointed a gun at him, FPD to handle. Call comes in reporting bad wreck on US-79 in Anderson County, later found to be in our County, one trapped, in and out of consciousness, DPS Jones, Oakwood VFD, Doctor Chopper and Anderson County units all assist. Odor similar to propane reported on FCR-1270, Atmos contacted.

Man brought down from Courthouse, just held in Contempt of Court, didn?t pay Child Support. Another smell of gas near Boyd Unit, Atmos contacted. WPD Butler to East Brazos, big dog in yard, much unwanted. Report of Sister driving brother to school, he slugged her, exited car and took off afoot. Barking dog troubles on San Marcos in Wortham. THDEMS to N. 2nd, chest pains.

FEMS to FCR-231, asthmatic problems. Dep. Brewer to FCR-930, unwanted Gator Man. DPS Jones to East 84, deer/car accident. FEMS to Boyd Unit, Inmate with large hematoma and gash. WPD Doty arrests motorist on S. 3rd, Fayette County Warrant. Deputies Brewer and Elom to Civil Standby, boyfriend tore up the house on FM-80, she just wants to make sure nothing bad happens while she gets her stuff to leave. 911 Call comes in from County Road 238, man being given CPR?..FEMS and Butler VFD to the residence area?.Could not find?.Called back?.turned out this was Leon County Road 238 not Freestone?.(Folks, when dialing on emergencies make sure the Dispatcher knows what County you are calling from?.With cell phones, we get no address on our screen)?.Leon County 911 contacted for their ambulance.

Call comes in from Oakwood, breaker box on side of house near school on fire, Leon Co. S.O. advised. Call on phone requests we attempt to make contact with caller?s Dad on DeJay, FPD alerted, their next call was for a JP unfortunately. WPD Crowley arrests man for Violation of Protective Order, to Jail. Many callers complaining of traffic violations last few days?..too many turkeys on the road for Thanksgiving is the problem!

THDEMS to low blood sugar problem on FM-1366. Deputies assist Lady stranded with car troubles, Mile 182. Ex-Boyfriend and Girlfriend having problems?..He keeps calling, wanting to know the sex of the unborn baby, she won?t tell him. Lady calls from Oakwood, advises being tied up by Family Members, forwarded to Leon Co. S.O., they called back later?.said the info was correct?..has Alzheimers?.family has a time with her. Call of young driver run off road in Teague intentionally, TPD Cox to handle.

Problems at local DQ, party dissatisfied, bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible. FEMS to possible broken hip, FCR-540. TPD Cox to Freestone Trailer Park, TV missing. DPS Purnell to FM-489, scratch one buck from the local deer population. Man reported in area of S. Bateman, carrying a knife?.arrested by FPD Taylor on Bradley later, Public Intoxication. FEMS to Boyd Unit, Inmate unresponsive. Dep. Jones to FCR-1171, voices being heard outside residence after midnight.

Deputy Larry Jones to family troubles on FM-489, two grown sons not getting along. Deputy Wade Harrison to problems in Donie, man comes home, finds fianc? drunk, next he spots another man leaving the residence, and promptly got punched in the left eye?..Well, this goes on, another female is struck, a stick was used for another whack on the side of the neck?.sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend Tradition, etc?.but the end result is one to Jail on two charges of Assaulting Family Members. And?.to repeat our Theme from Last Week?..Peace On Earth, Good Will Toward Men!

FEMS back to the Boyd Unit, another seizure. TPD Cordova to Mother/Daddy Troubles on US-84. Fairfield, Teague, Dew, Kirvin and Butler VFD?s to house on fire, FCR-540. Loren Miller advised of girl bitten by Pit Bull, FCR-261. Teague City Worker responds to call on Magnolia, sewer backing up in Lady?s house?..And for that poor Lady, even on this Thanksgiving weekend, it would be most inappropriate to say, ?For all things give Thanks.? What a mess, I feel for her.

TPD Cordova to assist with keys locked in car on Elm. Loose horses, FM-80, owner contacted. Anderson County caller reports trees on fire, FM-1990, transferred caller to that County. DPS Sullivan, TPD Cordova and THDEMS to FM-1451, moped/deer accident. FPD to Love?s when report advises that a woman pulled through the drive-thru headed the wrong way, another vehicle came in from the correct direction and blocked the first, then a woman got out, went to the trunk, came out with a gun?..Hey, that gets everybody?s attention huh?....Then jumped back in her gray Chevy Impala and was last seen going over the overpass back into Fairfield?..well, I guess the best that we can say is that she definitely established the fact for one and all that she HAD THE RIGHT OF WAY!

Deputy Elom to The Wilderness, lock cut, tires stolen. FEMS to FM-489 East, man ill, high blood pressure, clammy to the touch. Game Wardens Thorne and Hernandez to Mine property, Hwy. 164, hunter trying to get on the property. All of this led to a trip to a residence in Teague?.which yielded charges of drug Paraphernalia and False Report to Police Officer on two individuals plus two deer recovered, very much deceased, but not enough adornment at the tops of their heads to be legally shot in the first place. Reckless drivers reported, some probably due to the winds one day, IH-45.

This seems to be a bit short this week?.That must show that Thanksgiving Weekend was pretty quiet this year?..Which it was for a fact. But this will change in the next week or so?..Christmas is looming, just around the corner. Christmas decorations are already popping up, Black Friday is now behind us, and nothing left but to grin and bear it?..Full bellies, empty pocketbooks and all!

Until Next Week?..RALPH BILLINGS

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