Why I Go To Church

Did you hear the story about the little boy in Chicago who attended Sunday School at a certain church? When his parents moved to a different location in the city, this little boy kept going to the same Sunday School, even though it was now ten blocks away from home. One of his friends asked him, "Why do you keep going to that church? There are several churches that are a lot closer, even one just down the street from you. Why do you keep going there?" And the little boy replied, "Because they love a fellow down there!" That's a pretty good reason to go to church, isn't it?

Let me tell you why I go to church. Now, before I get started, I can already hear the complaints. I know that no church on the face of this earth is perfect because they are all filled with imperfect people. Every time I hear the excuse, "I don't go to church because the church is filled with hypocrites!" I just respond by saying, "Then one more won't hurt!" Look, the church is not a gallery for the exhibition of "perfect" Christians, but a school for the education of imperfect ones, which means everyone. It's a nursery for the care of the weak. Even the saints of old fell from time to time, and yet God never gave up on them. And it's a hospital for the healing of those who need healing and care, and I don't know anybody who is not beaten up by this old world. I discovered long time ago that the same sins and temptations that I fight with are also being fought by someone else. I'm not a lone ranger here. We all put our pants on one leg at a time, and we all wash out when the river rises, if we don't have our feet firmly grounded. Even Billy Graham, who has reached more world leaders than anyone I know, and whose influence has reached the world over, maybe he's even reached you. Yet, even he calls upon the Savior for forgiveness of his sins. The fact is, even though the church is imperfect, and none of us have an excuse here, we do worship a perfect Savior.

Year's ago when F.D.R. was our president, one Sunday morning the church which he attended received a phone call from a reporter looking for a story. The pastor answered the phone and was asked, "Tell me, do you expect the President to be in church this Sunday?" The pastor replied, "That, I cannot promise. But we expect God to be here, and we believe that will be enough of a reason to expect a large attendance."

Yes, I go to church to see my friends and to talk about things of the past week and the week ahead, but more than that, I go to church to meet my Savior and to fellowship with my Heavenly Father. The love the little boy spoke of is a great thing, but nothing beats the love of God. It's His fellowship that I seek above all else. That's why I go to church.

There is a church in which a dear saintly woman who is very old, very deaf, and whose eyes are bad, who attends this church. She is always there even though she can't hear a word of the sermon. The first thing she is given when she walks in, is a church bulletin, which she holds up close to her eyes so she can see which hymns are to be sung and which Scriptures are to be read. One day she was asked by one of the younger members why she even bothered to come to church since she had so many handicaps. He then back-tracked almost apologetically and said he thought it was a great thing that she came, but he wondered what she got out of attending the services. She replied, "I come because the Psalmist tells me, 'The Lord is in His holy temple', and I come so I can meet with Him."

Let me ask you, is there any better reason to come to church?

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