Sheriff?s Report Number 618- TPD Foree leads us off this week with a response to US-84 residence, man and wife in an argument. Here?s a good one?.Call comes in on cell phone to Dispatch?.Three women parked on the side of the road, dialed 911 for a little assistance?..A bonafide emergency? Well, no, not really??Just trying to find Louisiana! Okay Ladies, tell us where you are?..Oh, yes, I quiet understand??You don?t know that either?..Okay, you are on a paved highway?....Good, that?ll help?.. Yes, I see, then you don?t know the number of the highway I take it?.Okay, okay, at this point nobody has any idea where they are at, including them. Maybe telling them to locate the Big Dipper, keep it on their left shoulder?..Naw, that wouldn?t work either, too many stars?..But then one remembered she did have a GPS?..Aha! A true stroke of luck?..They advised they would call back if they needed further assistance?.Folks, there is just no telling where those gals wound up, but we haven?t heard back from ?em. Have a feeling they were headed to ?The Boats?, but they never said. Good Luck, Girls! If you run short of cash, don?t hock the GPS at a Pawn Shop. Also, though old fashioned?..Have you thought about a good map and compass? Magellan made it most of the way around the entire globe without a map?..until he got bumped off by the natives in the Phillipines?.. But, if you had both of those items, I think you?d do just fine?..this side of the Phillipine Islands anyway!

Kirvin Lady reports lost purse at the Church. Teague VFD to pasture on fire, FCR-864. Loose cow, FM-416. TxDOT contacted, load of tree limbs in middle of FM-80. Deputy Brewer to FM-488, neighborhood kids keep tearing through the yard. Lady calls, bringing in her 73 year old husband, chest pains, Nitro pills not working yet, headed straight to ER, can we alert the ER? Yes Ma?am, consider it done?.They?ll be waiting. TPD Reed arrests young man on Jefferson, multiple City of Teague Warrants, four to be exact.

Water line busted in Wortham, later flushed the lines using open hydrants. Deputies Elom and House to trespassing, Stewards Mill, man thought to be poaching at first, instead hunting for missing cattle. FEMS to FCR-411, man throwing up all day. Dispatch assists man on call, tire flat between Richland and Wortham, wants a wrecker. Lady calls, awoke to find husband in floor, lives in our County but the only access is from Leon County side, Buffalo EMS to assist to save time.

THDEMS to assist Lady, foot just went through the floor, next stop PRH Mexia. FEMS to Boyd Unit, Inmate injured, just fell off commode face first. DPS Purnell to car/deer accident, Hwy. 179. Deputy Clayton Aldrich arrests man on Warrant for Aggravated Assault.

Hurricane Sandy has struck the Eastern Seaboard overnight. Rain, high tides, snow. Hopefully not as bad as all had initially thought although 5 million are without electricity. The whole area pretty well shut down. We?ll cross our fingers that initial reports continue to look a little brighter than expected. The Chesapeake Bay to New York City area is getting the coverage primarily as that is where the numbers are population-wise. All of this will be much in the news in coming days.

Okay, next day after preceding paragraph was typed- New Jersey and New York City hit hard! Basically, it is a repeat of Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans again?..Except multiplied by some unknown two, three or four place number! Around 7-8 million out of electricity, not the initial 5 as thought. New Jersey?s coastline took it on the nose. Many people in New York City don?t own cars for they have no place to park them?..They depend upon the subways?.Correction-They used to depend upon those subways?..But now those 108 year old ?tubes? are standing at least partially flooded?..So, with one step, a very large segment of mass transportation has been erased as regards usage. This won?t affect just the folks right there, on scene. A large number commute into ?The City? daily from ?Joisey?, Connecticut, Upstate, etc. One monumental snarl for transportation suddenly. One bright spot?..Regardless of the politics involved?..The Republican Governor of New Jersey heaped words of praise upon the Democratic President Barack Obama for assistance offered. Hey, that kind of stuff hasn?t happened in some time! Hooray! At least someone is honest enough to praise another who flies the racing colors of ?the opposition.? And I don?t care which Party it was that took this bold step first?.It?s about time somebody said something nice about those in opposition on the ?other side?, whichever side that is! You know, we?re ALL Americans and our two parties have been bashing one another harder and harder for the last several years?..It needs to end, and it needs to end NOW!.....Men need to be found like former U.S. Senator Everett Dirksen?.willing to cross the aisle, COMPROMISE (the word really has no dirty connotations) where needed, get the business finished and get on with life to the next major issue. We seem to have a bucket full of those at any given time anyway, more than plenty to last awhile! If we had more like Senator Dirksen in leadership positions currently in the House and U.S. Senate, our situation would not be stuck in a gridlock. COMPROMISE?.or lack of?..That is the problem at present.

Dep. Shaw to Loud Music on FCR-930. Dep. Jones to more of same, FCR-237. Loose donkeys, Hwy-164, at the Freestone/Limestone County Line. And, to top it off, two mules by fence, Mile 209. FEMS to FCR-340, Lady can?t stand, high sugar and blood pressure suspected. Officer Doty to credit card problems on Hubbard in Streetman. Trucker calls from FM-489 Dew area, said as he passed a pickup, the female driver raised her beer bottle to him in a ?toast.? Well, I guess this proves we are a friendly group of people in our County!

TPD Travis Martin back in the swing of things again?.To Mulberry Street on a reported Assault?.Nope, no fight there, they moved it to 9th and Oak?.Bingo! Man and woman brawling in the front yard upon arrival?.Both got in argument over taking a child to school?.Next, things imploded, and then exploded. Can that really happen? You betcha, smoldering and seething inwardly for the first part, and then a sudden outward explosion to follow?.Did I mention a disagreement over a cell phone? Yep, that was in there somewhere, too?.He got physical?.She bit his finger?.Blood started to flow?.The Police showed up?.well, you get the picture?..I now refer you readers back two paragraphs ago?.. Go ahead, skip back up there, refresh your memory of that paragraph?..Now continue this paragraph?.Remember, I spoke of our unwillingness to compromise?..See there?.... It is not only a National Problem, but a Local One also!.....And, it is so EASY to do?.All that is required is two level-headed people, both willing to yield a little for the common good, and, when that does not occur? Often next is a small problem which has escalated into one much larger. Here at home or on the National Level it all works the same??.Now the lecture on citizenship and common sense is over and we?ll get back to the original topic?..Let me see, now?.A recap of events?..Where were we now? Oh, yes! Here we go....Problems over child to school?..Which led to a problem over a cell phone, then fast forward to the front yard, he grew aggressive, she bit his finger, blood did flow, TPD Martin arrived, medical assistance was offered, a Band Aid for a finger to staunch the flow, one trip to Jail, Assault Family Violence, and that pretty well wraps it up. Indeed?.Compromise would have been better!

Dew VFD and FEMS respond to man with troubles at both ends. Concerned grandkids call, grandma on Sandy hasn?t answered phone, Deputy Shaw checks her out, she?s okay, will give them a call. THDEMS to Jefferson, Lady very congested. DPS Sullivan to cow/car accident, US-84. Teague City worker to water leak on Spruce. TPD Foree to stolen AC unit on Grayson. TPD Cordova to Mother/son Troubles on Jefferson.

THDEMS to S. 7th, man shaking heavily. FEMS to FCR-340, man fell, struck head, the blood is flowing. Caller reports loose donkey in middle of road, LCR-517, Limestone Co. S.O. Dispatch advised. Ambulance routed from Buffalo to Boyd Unit, all local ambulances already tied up, Inmate with busted eye. TPD Foree on call of threatening texts being received.

Streetman VFD to FCR-141, grassfire in Tehuacana Bottom. DPS Jim Willis, FEMS and Dew VFD to rollover accident, IH-45 at FM-489. WPD Crowley to report of a Domestic Problem on Twin Circle Drive. THDEMS to Pine Street, Diabetes Troubles. DPS Carter to car/deer accident, Mile 188. FPD to Sherwood, threats being made. Phone rings in Dispatch, caller in Navarro County, said no emergency?.a brick just fell, struck the phone, and that is what instigated the call?.Good thing it didn?t hit a head?..then it would have been a needed call!

TxDOT advised of large tire carcass in middle of pavement, Mile 189. TPD Cordova to Family Dollar Store, large legless reptile (what you and I would call a snake) in the parking lot. Dep. Aultman to reported burglary, East 84. WPD Butler to assist man after a fall, S. 2nd. Dep. Robert Willis jails man, long way from where his Occupational DL says he can drive. Game Warden John Thorne advised of injured buck, FCR-1171. DPS Jones to car/deer accident, US-287. DPS Sullivan to another car/deer accident, FM-488. Next, DPS Jones spots a car failing to use the turn signal, but upon stopping the driver finds his DL is deep in the throes of suspension?..End result-To Jail for free lodging.

FEMS to Reunion, 88 year old Lady with Breathing Troubles. TPD Cordova to problems in family with too much alcohol, US-84, one arrested, Assault Family Violence. Dep. Harrison to Southern Oaks, son threatening to assault parent. Dep. Jones to music with a pronounced boom in every stanza, FCR-237. TPD Reed to loose horses, FM-80. DPS Conner arrests DWI, FM-80, after striking a fence and tree. Rain and hail in parts of County on Saturday evening, power out for a few hours at our residence?.Thank Goodness Richard showed up when he did!

Man coming from Dew area, bad laceration to hand, gave directions to ER. TPD Cordova to F&P Club, two gals on the attack. DPS Sullivan and FEMS to accident, Mile 194. Call comes in from Local Grandma?Grandchild has swallowed a ?glow-stick.? Well, hooked right through to Poison Control, said not too harmful, just give him a few Popsicles. Hey, that sounds nearly as good as Ice Cream for the cure!

Teague City Worker to water leak on Poplar. DPS Jones to accident, FM-2570. Man walked into Jail Lobby, inquiring of location of ?Haunted Jail.? Directed to the local Museum, told it was probably closed but feel free to walk up on the porch and see if he felt or sensed anything different. Guess we?d better go down there and check on him?..He may be in a trance, talking to long-ago prisoners! FPD advised of dog problems on Keechi.

TPD Cordova to troubles over a dog, Walnut Street. DPS Conner to car/deer accident, East 84. Southern Oaks VFD and Cayuga VFD searching for vehicle reported on fire in River Bottom. WPD Crowley to Twin Circle Drive, kids cutting fence. Dep. Brewer to FM-833, pressure washer and kid?s motorcycle missing. Deputies Shipley and Aldrich assist FPD, Lady with knife and gun threatening suicide. FEMS, Fairfield VFD and Doctor Chopper assisting man on FCR-494, breathing but not responsive. FEMS to N. Fairway, epileptic troubles.

And, last but certainly not least, Deputy Diana Willis has retired from the Sheriff?s Office. She started here 20 plus years ago as a clerk, then became a Deputy. Very active in all facets of the Sheriff?s Office. Able to fill in as Jailer, Dispatcher, Clerk or Officer as needed. A very handy individual to have here as an employee. She has left due to throwing her hat in the political arena and will be much missed by all.

Until Next Week?..RALPH BILLINGS

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