Sheriff?s Report Number 616- DPS Allen to accident, Mile 209, Streetman VFD assists due to smell of gasoline. Complaint from Fred?s, folks without Handicapped Sticker parked in parking space so designated, won?t move, FPD advised. Pit Bull Complaint on Pecan, two of ?em, running loose, TPD Cordova to same, owner gets them back in. FEMS to FM-488, caller?s father very weak and ill.

Electrical outage on FCR-331, Dispatcher contacted electric company for caller as their calls went unanswered. Phone line down in Wortham on San Marcos. Lady calls to report Pit Bull chasing her Dachsund on FCR-1250. Three goats loose FM-27, land owner in that area contacted, told the problem, said not his but would call his wife, she might know the owners, then would call us back?..Which he did....But the next part went this way when he called back?..?Apparently they belong to me, wife bought them this weekend!??..Well, welcome to the goat business!

Deputy Elom to FCR-333, deer feeder missing, last seen 4 weeks previous. WPD Crowley to donkey in middle of Hwy. 14. Possible horse owner of one missing hooked up with owner who just found one. FEMS and Dew VFD to Blood Pressure troubles, FCR-451. DPS Sullivan, Dew VFD and FEMS to vehicle through fence, FM-489. THDEMS to Breathing Troubles, Palmore Street.

TPD Reed to Family Troubles on Cypress. Female called, having feller troubles, Dispatch stayed on line with her until uncle arrived to pick her up. Game warden advised of flat bed, white, one-ton, spotlighting, FCR-141. Troubles between two men over one maybe not having a DL. TPD Reed assists Lady on Walnut to find a key. WPD Crowley to 3rd, relative just took her car. Family Problems on FCR-1239 over who gets the kids, Deputies House and Brewer to same.

Kids reported fighting at Teague City Park, TPD Foree to same. Oakwood VFD and FEMS to Oakwood area, diabetic man bleeding from feet, next stop Palestine ER. Deputy House jails men on Theft Warrants from a pipe theft deal. FPD Gasaway to car involved in accident while taking the Exit Ramp, DWI, to Jail. Had been called in before the wreck by 3 other drivers, so she must have been pretty well snockered. FEMS to Boyd Unit, Inmate playing basketball, landed on his head. Loose cow, 84 at FCR-610.

Fairfield VFD to tree on fire, FM-2547. WPD Crowley to disturbance at a shop on 3rd in Wortham. Leon Co. S.O. advised of loose horses on Service Road. Keys locked in pickup at THS, TPD Reed to assist. Butler VFD and FEMs to FCR-301, man just passed out while walking in house. Loose cattle, Hwy. 179, owner contacted. FEMS to Oak Street, man fell a few days ago, now can?t walk.

Well, the much awaited Presidential Debate once again took place. This one in New York State. Barack came loaded for bear this time?..And, so did Mitt. Both taking continual jabs at the other. Again, I felt sorry for the Lady serving as this week?s Moderator. Her pleas for conforming to their pre-arranged and agreed upon by both parties involved time limitations?.Well, as all know?.S?orta out the window! The Two Minute Rule pretty well thrown out the window by both. Both very persistent to get everything said. The tone far more serious. According to the experts, Barack carried the ball stronger on this round. Their first bout, Barack had on his white gloves?The bout last night, I guess you might say both had on their boxing gloves?.Probably, for the last bout, to be held in Florida in the next week or so?.It?ll be Bare Knuckles! Personally, I do not think that Personal Dignity and Statesmanship should be forgotten in these exchanges, but I guess that is not what gets the voter?s attention nowadays. The spectacle last night registers somewhere short of going to the Coliseum in Rome two thousand years ago to watch a few slaves get mauled by the lions. But, most apparently, my thoughts are in the minority, for most viewers seemingly think it is an excellent format to follow.

FEMS to Boyd Unit, Inmate non-responsive, to ER, JP later requested. TPD Foree to Main, Ex-Boyfriend just banging on Ex-girlfriend?s door. Mexia EMS to Diabetes Troubles, Hwy. 14. Near tragedy reported by Fairfield School Bus driver, blinking bus lights on long way before making actual stop, US-84, passed by maroon pickup. Problems on Bateman, two folks arguing over a child, FPD to same. Dep. Harrison to loose cows and donkeys, FCR-901.

FEMS to local High School, Cross Country Runner giving everyone a scare. Call from Corpus Christi from man claiming to be contemplating suicide, Deputies do their best, checking the places he might be, all to no avail. Hope he changed his mind?..Later found to be in Limestone County. WPD Doty to loose horses, FM-27. Loose Brahma Bull, FCR-971. More of same on FCR-111.

Called to shooting in Teague, distraught Juvenile in scuffle with TPD Noll trying to remove a pistol from his hands, gun went off, TPD Noll, shot in leg, scares everybody to death, helicoptered to Waco, released to go home a few hours later, thank goodness. Juvenile in custody, transported for evaluation.

DPS Jim Willis to South 75 from Groesbeck, one vehicle struck another that was unoccupied, FEMS assisting due to injury. FEMS to dislocated shoulder at Jack-In-Box. Family Troubles due to one intoxicated in Kirvin winds up with reported assault carried to hospital. TPD Cordova to US-84, woman standing by mail boxes, yelling and cussing. Loose cow, FM-488, owner contacted, to same. Another on FM-27, but when Dep. Harrison arrives she?d disappeared again within the intervening 16 minutes from the initial report?..Houdini!

WPD Crowley assisting Mexia PD on a Hit and Run in Mexia, driver disappeared but left car on scene. FEMS to College Street, man has infection. Wortham Lady reports has refrigerator on porch, while at work, fridge got mysteriously turned off, now has a mess of food inside?..all hot! DPS Shields to accident, FM-1365. Lady on scooter chased by Pit Bull in Wortham. Loose cows FCR-606, Dep. Diana Willis to same?.Back inside.

Loud music complaint in Oakwood, Leon Co. S.O. advised. Also advised of car driving bad on Big Road, just fixing to cross into their County. FPD Kindon to accident on Dunbar, driver arrested, DWI, to Jail. FPD Gasaway gets another, FM-488, driving bad, DWI, to Jail. TPD Reed to possible prowler on 3rd. Also to man shooting snakes on US-84.

Concerned mother dials from Teague, just got home and kids AWOL, called son?s cell, wrong guy answered, daughter?s voice in background heard, then something said about the son, she heard he was ?sleeping in a ditch.??..TPD Officers dispatched, and then Mother calls back?.Apparently a prank the kids were pulling on her! All fine now, everybody accounted for?..But, I have a feeling that when Mother gets through with her pranksters??Well, all thoughts of humor will be disappeared!

FPD and DPS Conner trying to find Hit and Run Chrysler, US-84 at FCR-606. Vehicle in trees, left roadway, DPS Sullivan and Dep. Shaw to same, South 75. Dep. Elom to FCR-941, window opened, TV stolen. FEMS to chest pains and radiating down arm, Boyd Unit. FEMS to FCR-1250, older man very weak, can?t walk. DPS Sullivan to accident, US-84 at FCR-250, one to Jail, DWI. TPD Reed to 2nd, Lady reports someone has put sand in her gas tank.

Call comes in from the Rio Club across the River, one guy is banging on another, transferred to Anderson Co. S.O. Man makes threats against all Officers, several Officers respond. Deputy Elom issues Criminal Trespass to female, threatened and cussed her soon to be Ex Pa in Law, FCR-536. TPD Cox to loose cow, FCR-862. Fairfield VFD to power line down, sparking, on Blanton.

WPD Crowley and Collins to threatening calls being made on 2nd. Mister Elom to 911 Call from FM-416, makes notation that it was a two year old?..getting an early start on technology! Also to Donie area, metal culvert missing. DWI arrested, Mile 201, by Dep. McGowan. Deputy Robert Willis arrests driver and passenger at Main and Ross, Streetman, possession of Mary Jane. Man threatens another in Dew area, several to area, finally located, arrested, to Jail, Terroristic Threat and Felon in Possession of Firearm. This was basically a near identical repeat of four years ago, same man, same troubles, same Officers, same location within a half mile. Loose, unknown horse penned, FCR-947.

Environmental Officer madding to dumped junk, FCR-830. Problem reported in Dew over copper disappearance, but found to be a son-in-law. Bridge gives way partially when tractor passes over, FCR-764, Deputy Howerton and Fred Latham of Prcnt. 2 to block road. Dep. Diana Willis to Mother/Son problems, FCR-1211. Deputy Howerton dealing with taking statements out of a lover?s triangle deal?.One feller, two gals, never adds up right, quickly becomes a 9-sided triangle for all involved! Yeah, I know, there is no such thing as a 9-sided triangle, but the triangle in these deals always takes on many additional facets! I guess that is why it is commonly referred to as the Infernal Triangle?..One plus one never equals three?..except in one of these deals??For a short while, then another problem will pop up, and it will change from simple addition back to simple division?..It will cease being the two of us or the three of us and will again become the ?one of us???.Oh Yes!.......And Times Three!

To Forney to visit with Daughter Paige and Son-in-Law Wylie. Too much Hustle and Bustle for me. Forney, probably 30-40 years ago, was a sleepy little place known for Black Land Cotton and several antique stores, with about 3,000 population??No more! Lowes, Home Depot, Super WalMart, probably 50,000 in population, traffic heavy everywhere?..Dallas rapidly moving their way. Times change!

Welp, this?ll be a good place to shut it down for another week. Start wrapping your pipes, cold weather?ll be shooshing in on us before too long?..Of course, I?m no different than everybody else?.I?ll put it off too?..Be outside in the darkening evening hours with old feed sacks, duct tape and every spare 5-gallon bucket I can round up, wind whistling around our ears, just like most of you.

Until Next Week?..RALPH BILLINGS

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